Art – Poetry Pairing 2017

“Painting is silent poetry,
And poetry is painting that speaks.”
— Plutarch

We had 18 pairings of artists and poets for our 2017 Art-Poetry Pairing exhibition at the Worcester Public Library. This show runs from March 1 to March 31, 2017. The hanging is Wednesday, March 1 from 6-8pm. The take-down is Friday, March 31, from 4:30 to 5:40pm. We’re still finalizing the reception time.

Here’s the full details we provided each pairing on how this process works!

Art and Poetry Pairing – Details

Each artist gave the poet a visual work of art to interpret. At the same time, each poet wrote an original poem for the artist to interpret. Here are the resulting pairings!

Artist: Carol Dandrade
Poet: Patty Cahill

Artist: Linda DeFeudis
Poet: Christine W. Beauchaine

Artist: Sue Dion
Poet: Mary McDonald

Artist: Bob Evans
Poet: Kevin Paul Saleeba

Artist: Carol Frieswick
Poet: Linda DeFeudis

Artist: Libia Goncalves
Poet: Tracy Vartanian

Artist: Sarah B. Guimond
Poet: Sam Schroder

Artist: Donna Manley
Poet: Karen E. Sharpe

Artist: Jean W. Marchal
Poet: Sarah B. Guimond

Artist: Frank Robertson
Poet: Lisa Shea

Artist: Bob See
Poet: Bob Marrone

Artist: Lisa Shea
Poet: Jane Nozzolillo

Artist: Pamela Siderewicz
Poet: Kara Emily Krantz

Artist: Becky Smith
Poet: Jean W. Marchal

Artist: Dennis Smith
Poet: Liz Decaf

Artist: Verne Thayer
Poet: Andrea Lettic

Artist: Al Weems
Poet: Jody Zolli

Artist: Mike Zeis
Poet: Trisha Wooldridge