Art – Poetry – Carol Frieswick and Linda DeFeudis

For our 2017 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Carol Frieswick and poet Linda DeFeudis.

Here are the works they created!

Carol provided this painting to Linda:

In response, Linda wrote the following poem:


Pensive she stands
morning sunlight, alone

The curtain drawn, open
Let sunlight in; shone

The ocean behind, distant
Solitary the wave

Like nature of quiet
The woman, it gave

Comfort robed listening
Perhaps for the sound
Or maybe still, silent
Thoughts only, mind, found

What is it she’s thinking?
A question: a clue?

Why peaceful,
Just standing
Like morning

Wistful in thought
What about?
Pose a guess

Hands balance the table
Her posture,
At rest

Her face whispers “private”
Known only to her

A lost love?
A memory?
A dream?
A new man?

Guess, if you will,
“Good Luck,”
If you can

Her freedom,
Her solace,
Her thoughts
All her own

To keep
For herself
To others

A mystery she’ll be
Standing still by the sea

A woman,
Hands steady,
Holding table,
Her stand

Her voice,
Her thoughts,

We can’t understand

The second half of this pairing involved Linda giving Carol a poem as a starting point. Linda provided this poem:

To Todd and Cristy

Upon a hill
A sunlit sky
The stillness blue
With white of cloud

Their endless love
To each
Has vowed

The beautiful bride
The handsome groom

A love too large
For any room

The world stood still
To listen in

Two hearts are one
Their lives begin

Unable to share
Your marital bliss

Todd, Cristy
To each, a kiss

Aunt Linda

In response, Carol created this painting:

Title: “The Tree – Marriage of all its parts to form a solid base”

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