Art Instructors at the Blackstone Valley Art Association

BVAA Art Instructors

The Blackstone Valley Art Association has many talented art instructors in our mix. Here is a listing of the ones we know about so far. If you’re a BVAA member who teaches art and aren’t on this list yet, contact us so we can add you in!

Carol Arnold

Talented painter Carol Arnold teaches a monthly oil painting class at the BVAA Alternatives Uxbridge Community Gallery! Carol is a member of Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik’s Putney Painters! All levels of painters are welcomed with open arms. The focus will be on drawing, edges, values and color. These are areas which a beginner can practice and an advanced student can hone to perfection.

Carol Arnold Oil Painting Class

Carol Arnold Class Details

Sue Dion

Sue Dion has done may workshops for the BVAA. Her gallery space is right down the street from us in Uxbridge. She teaches watercolors, acrylics, oils, and other media.

Sue Dion

Sue Dion Class Details

Bonnie Frederico

Bonnie teaches classes in a variety of topics – colored pencil, pen and ink drawings, canvas paintings, mixed media, furniture painting, and more. She is based in Grafton at SellarShop.

Bonnie Frederico

Bonnie Frederico Class Details

Libia Goncalves

Libia has a studio in Milford. Her art classes are called “DColorex”. Dcolorex brings you realistic fine art ideas for everybody, here you will find preschoolers’ first strokes, children’s art,  teens and adults’ projects. Learn to see, to mix and apply color. Strengthen your skills, and amaze yourself with a masterpiece at DColorex.   

Libia Goncalves Art Instruction

Libia Goncalves Class Details

Scott Nelson

Scott is a talented illustrator and painter. He teaches drawing, watercolor, and colored pencil classes at the Worcester Art Museum both in person and online. Scott has illustrated many children’s books and greeting cards.

Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson Class Details

Beverly Tinklenberg

Beverly teaches watercolor classes in her Whitinsville studio on Thursdays and Fridays. The class sizes are small and offer individual attention.

Bev Tinklenberg

Beverly Tinklenberg Class Details

If you’re a BVAA member who teaches art classes and who isn’t listed yet, let us know!

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