Book Donations Open Sky BVAA

Book Donations and More at Uxbridge BVAA Gallery

The Blackstone Valley Art Association is sponsoring a Books and More drive! It’s more than just a book drive. We are building a Resource Library for Open Sky and are seeking books, CDs, DVDs, games, cameras, binoculars, telescopes, and other lendable items!

The BVAA works closely with the Open Sky organization, which provides wonderful services to individuals with challenges. The Uxbridge Art Gallery space is used during weekdays by Open Sky for career services. Open Sky kindly allows the BVAA to use the space on evenings and weekends.

The BVAA is hosting this drive to benefit the individuals served by Open Sky!

Saturdays from 10am to 3pm (i.e. standard BVAA gallery hours)

BVAA Open Sky Uxbridge Community Gallery
5 South Main Street
Uxbridge, MA 01569

There is a TON of free parking immediately next to this building. It is fully and easily handicapped accessible.

BVAA Alternatives Uxbridge Community Art Gallery Information

What Types of Books?
Open Sky is assembling a lending library for their individuals served and staff members. They are looking for ALL types of fiction books – mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, you name it. The books should be in good condition, so that they can be enjoyed by the readers.

Please contact us first for non-fiction book topics. We are interested in books on cooking, birdwatching, hiking trails, biking trails, and types of plants. We’re also interested in books in French or Creole.

What Else Can Be Donated?
We are building a resources library. So in addition to books, we are looking for CDs, DVDs, games, binoculars, telescopes, cameras, and any fun things which could be lent out. We currently do NOT want puzzles because it would be onerous to make sure all the pieces are there.

Masks Please
Because this facility works with individuals who might have medical conditions, please wear a mask when you bring in your books and other items.

BVAA Is a Non-Profit
You should be able to list your donations on your taxes as a donation to a non-profit, as the BVAA is a registered non-profit organization.

To learn more about Open Sky, visit:

Address any questions via our BVAA Contact Information

Ask with any questions! Thank you for supporting the Open Sky community!

Century Kodak No. 1A Semi-Centennial Stand

Remember the old days of enormously-sized large-format cameras? They needed a solid wood table to support them. A hand-wheel would raise or lower that table, to set the height of the camera.

This large-format camera stand is known as the Century Kodak No. 1A Semi-Centennial Stand. It was made in the 1925 / 1926 timeframe. It is about 50 inches tall. It is solid wood with what appears to be cast iron supports. It’s mounted on three wheels. It’s meant to hold a wet plate or large format camera.

There is a metal placard on it which states:

made by
Eastman Kodak Co.
Successor to
Century Camera Co.
Rochester, N.Y.

This was donated to the Blackstone Valley Art Association by Stephanie Sullivan of AVIA Consulting, a long-time avid photographer. We were thinking of using it as a stand in the gallery, but it’s a bit bulky for the space we have in the front window area. So we are offering it to members to add a beautiful accent to their homes for $500 or best offer. The donation goes to support the activities of the BVAA.

The wheel does work to turn the wood tray up and down – you could set it to whatever height you wanted. It might be missing a screw, we’re not sure. The top side of the tray is a soft velvet type of material.

Ask with any questions!

Firefly Gallery Uxbridge Closing

Sad news. The Firefly Art Gallery in Uxbridge MA is closing as of Saturday, December 14th, 2019.

The final days are:

Wednesday and Thursday, 10-6

Friday and Saturday 10-5.

Everything is being sold. All art, all display units, all furniture, everything.

Please spread the word. Please stop by and say goodbye. The Firefly Gallery was a wonderful community support and we will be very sad to see it go.

BVAA Art Instructors

The Blackstone Valley Art Association has many talented art instructors in our mix. Here is a listing of the ones we know about so far. If you’re a BVAA member who teaches art and aren’t on this list yet, contact us so we can add you in!

Carol Arnold

Talented painter Carol Arnold teaches a monthly oil painting class at the BVAA Alternatives Uxbridge Community Gallery! Carol is a member of Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik’s Putney Painters! All levels of painters are welcomed with open arms. The focus will be on drawing, edges, values and color. These are areas which a beginner can practice and an advanced student can hone to perfection.

Carol Arnold Class Details

Sue Dion

Sue Dion has done workshops for the BVAA in the past. Her gallery space is right down the street from us in Uxbridge. She teaches watercolors, acrylics, oils, and other media.

Sue Dion Class Details

Bonnie Frederico

Bonnie teaches classes in a variety of topics – colored pencil, pen and ink drawings, canvas paintings, mixed media, furniture painting, and more. She is based in Grafton at SellarShop.

Bonnie Frederico Class Details

Libia Goncalves

Libia has two studios – one in Milford and one in Whitinsville. Her art classes are called “DColorex”. Dcolorex brings you realistic  fine art ideas for everybody, here you will find preschoolers’ first strokes, children’s art,  teens and  adult’s  projects. Learn to see, to mix and apply color. Strengthen your skills, and amaze yourself with a masterpiece at DColorex.   

Libia Goncalves Class Details

Scott Nelson

Scott is a talented illustrator and painter. He teaches drawing classes at the Worcester Art Museum and has illustrated many area children’s books.

Scott Nelson Class Details

Michelle St. Pierre

Michelle teaches a variety of classes in drawing and painting at the Firefly Gallery in Uxbridge. It’s right around the corner from our BVAA gallery. Check out the schedule and sign up!

Michelle St. Pierre Class Details

If you’re a BVAA member who isn’t listed yet, let us know!

I’ll add a gallery of the instructors’ featured paintings here soon, once I hear from them what they want to showcase.

BVAA Member Lending Library

One benefit of being a member of the Blackstone Valley Art Association is that we have a substantial lending library of books and magazines on a wide range of topics. Take out as many as you like and keep them as long as you wish. Just bring them back eventually so others can enjoy them!

Here’s the current listing of items in the collection.

Note that the links were auto-generated so they might not always work quite properly. You should be able to manually search on Amazon for any title-author combination to see what the book is about.

Categories are: A/animals F/fantasy G/general M/magazine PH/photography SF/Science Fiction

antarctic birdsdavid freeland parmeleeAAmazon
the total penguingormanAAmazon
airflowphilip castleFAmazon
anatomy for fantasy artistsglenn fabryFAmazon
drawing and painting fantasy figuresfinlay cowanFAmazon
dreamlandsmark harrisonFAmazon
great masters of fantasy artboris vallejoFAmazon
in search of foreverrodney matthewsFAmazon
in the garden of unearthly delightsjosh kirbyFAmazon
last ship homerodney matthewsFAmazon
mechanismoharry harrisonFAmazon
michael whelan’s works of wondermichael whelanFAmazon
mythopoeikonpatrick woodroffeFAmazon
realms of fantasymalcolm edwardsFAmazon
ricard corben’s art bookricard corbenFAmazon
sirenschris achilleosFAmazon
the art of dragon magazineFAmazon
the art of dragonlancemary kirchoffFAmazon
the art of john byrnejohn byrneFAmazon
the art of ken kellyfrank frazettafAmazon
the art of moebiusbyron priessFAmazon
the art of rowenadoris vallejoFAmazon
the art of stephen youll paradoxstephen youllFAmazon
the art of the advanced dungeons & dragons fantasy gameFAmazon
the art of the dungeons and dragons fantasy gameFAmazon
the art of walt disney from mickey mouse to the magic kingdomschristopher finchFAmazon
the elfquest gatherum volume 2FAmazon
the fantasy techniques of tim hildebrandtjack e nortonFAmazon
the flights of icaruslehmkuhlFAmazon
the illustrated book fo science fiction ideas and dreamsdavid kyleFAmazon
tim vigil artworks 1976-1990FAmazon
american folk artwilliam c ketchum jrGAmazon
american showcase illustration volume 10GAmazon
american watercolor paintingdonelson f hoopesgAmazon
an american celebrationcharles wysockiGAmazon
boschwalter bosingGAmazon
capture the charm of your hometown in watercolorfrank loudinGAmazon
classic still life paintingjane jonesGAmazon
collage techniquesgerald brommerGAmazon
colored pencil explorationsjanie gildowGAmazon
creative pencil drawingpaul hogarthgAmazon
dalirobert descharnesGAmazon
degas pastelsalfred wernerGAmazon
drawing and painting with colored pencilkristy ann kutchGAmazon
drawing expressive portraitspaul leveilleGAmazon
dynamic wrinkles and draperyburne hogarthGAmazon
edward hopperlloyd goodrichGAmazon
engravings by hogarthsean shesgreenGAmazon
Faces of american from the Saturday Evening Postnorman rockwellGAmazon
heads and figures in pencilwilliam f powellGAmazon
how to draw caricatureslenn redmanGAmazon
how to draw heads and portraitsjose m parramonGAmazon
how to paint watercolors that shinewilliam c wrightGAmazon
instant period costumes – how to make classic costumesbarb rogersGAmazon
keys to painting textures and surfacesrachel rubin wolfGAmazon
kodak’s look at lifetime lifeGAmazon
making color singjeanne dobieGAmazon
mary cassatt oils and pastelse john bullardGAmazon
one hundred drawings and watercolours 2010-2011stephen ongpinGAmazon
painting glowing colors in watercolorpenny sotoGAmazon
painting light with colored pencilcecile bairdgAmazon
pencil magic – landscape drawing techniquesphil metzgerGAmazon
people in watercolorwendy mattsonGAmazon
portraits in oil – a step by step art instruction bookwendon blakeGAmazon
ralph goingslinda chaseGAmazon
Sargent watercolorsdonelson F HoopesGAmazon
secrets to drawing realistic facescarrie stuart parksGAmazon
stone roberts paintings & drawingscharles michenerGAmazon
the drawing book a comprehensive guidewendon blakeGAmazon
the marine paintings of chris maygerdavid larkinGAmazon
the national gallery companion guideerika langmurGAmazon
the society of illustrators 25GAmazon
the society of illustrators 26GAmazon
watercolor for illustrationjacqui morganGAmazon
watercolorists at work – masters of watercolorsusan e meyerGAmazon
american art collectorJul-12MAmazon
american art collectorAug-12MAmazon
american art collectorDec-12MAmazon
american art collectorAug-13MAmazon
american art collectorSep-13MAmazon
american art collectorOct-13MAmazon
american art collectorNov-13MAmazon
american art collectorDec-13MAmazon
american art collectorJan-14MAmazon
american art collectorMar-14MAmazon
american art collectorMay-14MAmazon
american art collectorJul-14MAmazon
american art collectorJan-15MAmazon
american art collectorFeb-15MAmazon
american art collectorJun-16MAmazon
american art collectorJul-16MAmazon
american art collectorAug-16MAmazon
american art collectorJul-18MAmazon
american artistApr-99MAmazon
american artist portrait highlightsApr-07MAmazon
art of the westmay-june 2014MAmazon
art of the westnov-dec 2002MAmazon
art of the westsep-oct 2013MAmazon
drawingfall 2014MAmazon
drawingfall 2014MAmazon
drawingspring 2013MAmazon
drawingwinter 2014MAmazon
fine art connoisseurOct-13MAmazon
fine art connoisseurDec-13MAmazon
fine art connoisseurApr-14MAmazon
fine art connoisseurDec-14MAmazon
fine art connoisseurAug-17MAmazon
ImagineFXxmas 2007MAmazon
ImagineFXxmas 2010MAmazon
ImagineFXxmas 2013MAmazon
international artistapr may 2013MAmazon
international artistapr may 2014MAmazon
international artistapr may 2015MAmazon
international artistapr may 2016MAmazon
international artistaug sep 2013MAmazon
international artistaug sep 2014MAmazon
international artistaug sep 2015MAmazon
international artistdec jan 2014MAmazon
international artistdec jan 2015MAmazon
international artistdec jan 2016MAmazon
international artistfeb mar 2012MAmazon
international artistfeb mar 2014MAmazon
international artistfeb mar 2015MAmazon
international artistfeb mar 2016MAmazon
international artistjun jul 2014MAmazon
international artistjun jul 2015MAmazon
international artistoct nov 2011MAmazon
international artistoct nov 2013MAmazon
international artistoct nov 2014MAmazon
international artistoct nov 2015MAmazon
Pastel JournalFeb-11MAmazon
Pastel JournalApr-11MAmazon
Pastel JournalJun-11MAmazon
Pastel JournalAug-11MAmazon
Pastel JournalOct-11MAmazon
Pastel JournalDec-11MAmazon
Pastel JournalFeb-12MAmazon
Pastel JournalApr-12MAmazon
Pastel JournalJun-12MAmazon
Pastel JournalAug-12MAmazon
Pastel JournalOct-12MAmazon
Pastel JournalDec-12MAmazon
Pastel JournalFeb-13MAmazon
Pastel JournalApr-13MAmazon
Pastel JournalJun-13MAmazon
Pastel JournalAug-13MAmazon
Pastel JournalDec-13MAmazon
Pastel JournalFeb-14MAmazon
Pastel JournalApr-14MAmazon
Pastel JournalAug-14MAmazon
Pastel JournalOct-14MAmazon
Pastel JournalFeb-17MAmazon
Pastel JournalFeb-17MAmazon
Pastel JournalApr-17MAmazon
Pastel JournalOct-17MAmazon
Pastel JournalDec-17MAmazon
Pastel JournalFeb-18MAmazon
Pastel JournalJun-18MAmazon
plein air magazineJul-15MAmazon
professional artistapr-may 2017MAmazon
southwest artOct-13MAmazon
southwest artNov-13MAmazon
The artist’sNov-14MAmazon
The artist’sDec-14MAmazon
The artist’sSep-16MAmazon
the artist’sNov-17MAmazon
The artist’sjan-feb 2015MAmazon
The artist’sjan-feb 2017MAmazon
The artist’sjul-aug 2016MAmazon
watercolor artistFeb-14MAmazon
watercolor artistFeb-18MAmazon
watercolor artistAug-18MAmazon
watercolor artistApr-19MAmazon
western art collectorOct-13MAmazon
500 camerastodd gustavsonPHAmazon
ansel adams a postcard bookansel adamsPHAmazon
ansel adams classic imagesansel adamsPHAmazon
ansel adams photographs from the national park service archivebasil cannonPHAmazon
ansel adams the cameraansel adamsPHAmazon
ansel adams the negativeansel adamsPHAmazon
ansel adams the printansel adamsPHAmazon
bob ross’ new joy of paintingannette kowalskiPHAmazon
fourfield – computers art and the 4th dimensiontony robbinPHAmazon
kodak black and white darkroom dataguidePHAmazon
kodak darkroom dataguidePHAmazon
landscape and nature photographymichard muirPHAmazon
mastering black and white digital photographymichael freemanPHAmazon
portfolio one (photography collection)the royal photographic societyPHAmazon
the 35mm photographer’s handbookjulian calderPHAmazon
the techniques of photographytime life booksPHAmazon
window seat – the art of digital photography and creative thinkingjulieanne kostPHAmazon
yosemite and the range of lightansel adamsPHAmazon
21st century fossSFAmazon
a closer look the art techniques ofpatrick woodroffeSFAmazon
alternate worldsjames gunnSFAmazon
barlowe’s guide to extraterrestrialswayne douglas barloweSFAmazon
chiaroscurotim whiteSFAmazon
dreamquestsdon maitzSFAmazon
graven imagesronald v borstSFAmazon
masterpieces of fantasy artsackmannSFAmazon
mythopoeikonpatrick woodroffeSFAmazon
pastures in the skypatrick woodroffeSFAmazon
solar windpeter jonesSFAmazon
space wars worlds and weaponssteven eislerSFAmazon
spacewreckstewart cowleySFAmazon
the alien worldsteve eislerSFAmazon
the art of imaginationfrank robinsonSFAmazon
the art of segrellesSFAmazon
the art of star trekjudith and garfield reeves-stevensSFAmazon
the art of the brothers hildebrandtian summersSFAmazon
ultraterraniumbruce penningtonSFAmazon

Welcome to the BVAA

Welcome to the Blackstone Valley Art Association webpage! We have been supporting arts in the Blackstone Valley since 1957. Our main gallery is in Uxbridge; we sponsor numerous shows, events, and workshops throughout the year. This website provides hundreds of pages on local art shows, art events, field trips, workshops, museum visits, and much, much more. We even have a lending library. We are warmly inclusive of all levels, backgrounds, and abilities. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Gallery and Upcoming Events

BVAA Open Sky Uxbridge Community Art Gallery
Gallery Open Mon – Sat 10am to 3pm
Current Show: “Anything Goes Photography Show

Sat 2/15 – architectural photography, filters in photography (also through glass balls, saran wrap, prisms, etc.)
Sat 2/15 – Choco l’Art Chocolate Reception Whitinsville Library 10-2
Tue 2/18 – monthly meeting painting critique workshop 6:30pm
Sat 2/22 – flash photography with Al Weems, high key / low key photography
Sat 2/22 – drop-off for Carbon Copies show
Thu 2/27 – Spring show drop-off Milford TV 6-8
Sat 2/29 – mirrors photography, James Hunt Photoshop Q&A

Feb all month – “Winter Magic” show at Milford TV
Feb all month – “Sharp” online show at Flickr

dennis smith

This Uxbridge gallery is supported in part by BVAA member dues, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and by ValleyCAST. The space use is kindly donated to us by ValleyCast, the community outreach department of Open Sky Community Services. Open Sky uses this space for special-needs client activities during daytime weekdays. They allow the BVAA use of the space – and its gallery walls – on evenings and weekends. We actively support their inclusive mission. All are welcome to all of our events and activities!

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council

Hannaford Giving Coupon 2018

For the entire month of December, you can provide a FREE $5 donation to the BVAA by purchasing the “fresh Cookbook” at Hannaford supermarkets.

The freshCookbook was released in July 2018 and contains the best fresh Magazine recipes that Hannaford customers have enjoyed for years – plus it is a perfect holiday gift!

At checkout, you’ll then be given a “Giving Coupon”. You indicate that it should go to support the BVAA.

We get a $5 donation!

This is valid through December 31, 2018. So be sure to keep your eyes out for that cookbook when you’re at Hannaford’s!

Minutes from Officers Meeting – Nov 9 2018

Minutes from Officers Meeting
Tuesday November 6, 2018 (election day)
Began 6:30pm at Uxbridge gallery

Present –
Lisa Shea, Bob Evans, Carol Frieswick, Dennis Smith, Pam Siderewicz

1) Review Milford TV Station Schedule
Schedule is set. Milford TV has it posted. Individual events are set up on site and on Facebook page. Milford has been lobbying for the separate receptions and will be paying for food and wine for them. The schedule of all “last Thursdays of the Month” (except for December) should build up attendance momentum.

Dennis suggested setting up master time-based listing of upcoming events on page.

Small Works – Nov-Dec 2018
Drop-off Thu Oct 25
Reception Thu Nov 29

Winter Magic – Jan-Feb 2019
drop-off Thu Jan 3
Reception Thu Jan 31

Spring Joy – Mar-Apr 2019
Drop-off Thu Feb 28
Reception Thu Mar 28

Monochrome – May-Jun 2019
Drop-Off Thu Apr 25
Reception Thu May 30

Summertime – Jul-Aug 2019
Drop-Off Thu Jun 27
Reception Thu July 25


2) Review BVAA meeting presenter schedule
Carol F did an awesome job of arranging this back in August or so. This seems to be set and fine.

Sept. JoAnn Naugher — Alcohol Inks (had to cancel, had Carol Arnold instead)

Oct. Adria Arch — Golden Acrylic products demo and free samples (people loved this)

Nov. Carolyn Letvin — Monoprints via palm printing method

Dec. party

Jan. Panel of Photographers who have done work in a series—Bob E.-James and Mike etc.

Feb. group critique

March. Gamblin product demo and free samples

April. JoAnn Naugher — Alcohol Inks

May. election and party

Note that the Golden demo person is willing to do a 4-hour workshop for $600. We’d have to get at least 10 people to want to do it before the per-person price became even remotely reasonable.

Also look into Grafton pastel workshop.

I’ll let people know about the Cuttyhunk / Avalon opportunities in late spring.


3) Work on Uxbridge Gallery Show Schedule
This was the meat of the meeting and took most of the hour.

October 12 to November 17 2018
Pickup – listed as Sat Nov 17. Changing to Sat Nov 10th as we want Tapestry to be live Nov 17th.

November 17 to December 1
Drop-off Sat Nov 3 and Sat Nov 10
Hanging Wed Nov 14th. Pam created a cool wreath to post next to wall sign.
Reception – Sat Dec 1 4-7pm / Uxbridge First Night
Pickup – Mon Dec 3

December 8 through December 31
Drop-off Sat Dec 1
Hanging Wed Dec 5
Reception – BVAA Party Tue Dec 18th
Pickup – Sat Jan 5 and Sat Jan 12th

ANYTHING GOES PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW – *2 pieces* (had far too many in 2018)
January 19 – February 23
Drop-Off Sat Jan 5 and Sat Jan 12
Hanging Wed Jan 16
Reception – Fri Jan 18th
Pickup – Feb 23

TEEN EXPRESSIONS SHOW MARCH – want to get flyers done soon so we can publicize this
March 2 – Mar 30
Drop-Off – Sat Feb 23
Hang – Wed Feb 27
Reception – Fri Mar 1
Pickup – Mar 30

April 6 – May 11
Reception – WE ARE NOT INVOLVED – Sam handles this.
Pickup – May 11

BVAA Spring Show
* could be held off-site if interesting location is found *
The Uxbridge gallery is a good back-up plan in case we don’t.
May 18 – June 8
Reception –
Pickup – June 8

June 15 – …..


Non-Uxbridge-Gallery opportunities

* Milford TV – set for year

* Grafton Inn – Bob did an awesome job of setting this up for us. We get good sales here. I’m checking on open spots, John R keeps selling his owls :).

* Worcester Senior Center – reception Tue 12/18 11am-1pm. Asking Suki about Jan-Feb. (We will get Mar-Apr)

* Art-Poetry show – set – finding 3 more poets and then will do pairing. Blackstone Library in March and Millbury B&N in April.

* Sutton post office – running smoothly with rotations, 7 Sutton residents in BVAA.

* Whitinsville post office – planning, 6 Whitinsville residents in BVAA. Will ask Christine.

* Muffin House – Carol will let them know we’ll take it. 2 month rotations, 4 people, 18 pieces.

* Southgate senior center in Shrewsbury – Carol will get next available date. Floral theme. 18 pieces, 1/2 each. They professionally hang them for us. I’ll look for Carol’s photos of her show to show samples.

* Northbridge senior center – they are installing a hanging system. Carol will check when they’re done to see how we can hang there.

* Sunflower show / Webster is always popular in the late summer. We get regular sales there.


Encourage (again) classes and workshops in gallery space
* Carol Arnold gets 1-3 a month
* Northbridge is available for weekday daytime classes

Finances are solid, with over $11,000 in our bank account. Carol F is a financial wizard.


Meeting ended at 7:30pm.

Extra note:

I forgot about Choco l’Art. This is our annual show at the Whitinsville Library around Valentine’s Day.

Reception is Sat Feb 9, 2019
Take down end-of-day Sat Feb 16, 2019