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Please use this submission form to indicate what works of art you will be submitting to a given BVAA show. Fill out the form once for a given show, listing all artworks in the appropriate field. Every show has a dedicated page on this website which details its start and end date, any fees to submit, any commissions on sales, and the drop-off and pick-up dates. Make sure you review all of that information before filling in this form.

PLEASE NOTE: For in-person shows, ALL hanging pieces must be correctly WIRED. Any pieces that are NOT wired correctly will be rejected. Please note that we cannot accept sawtooth hangers.

Please watch the How to Wire a Picture Video for details on how to wire a picture correctly. We also have written instructions here – How to Mat and Frame a Photo

The BVAA is run by volunteers. Please check the show detail page for information about the help we could use for setup, watching over, and taking down this show.

If for any reason you have issues filling out this form, or you do not receive the confirmation email message, please Contact Us

Event Name:
Artist Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Street Address:
State: (two letters only, please)
Zip Code:

By checking the box below, I agree to all terms and conditions for art shows stated on the BVAA website at BVAA Terms and Conditions
I agree to the BVAA terms

Artwork Details for Show
Please fill out a field for each piece of art. Each show will list the maximum number of art pieces you can submit for it. If you have fewer submissions than there are fields, just leave the rest blank.

For each artwork please include these five notes:

Media (watercolor, photography, etc.):
Size (including frame, if any) (not necessary for virtual shows):
Price or NFS (not for sale):
Front window ok? (Uxbridge gallery only)

The size doesn’t need to be exact. We don’t put the size on the label. It’s just for us to get a sense of if it’s huge, to know how many huge pieces we are dealing with in a given show.

If your price says NFS, we recommend indicating if you’re willing to sell print copies. That is, you might love the original and not be willing to sell it, but you might be fine making prints for people who really like it.

On the “front window” question, the Uxbridge gallery front window only gets a little sunlight – most light is blocked by the high opposing-street buildings. Still, each artist has their own comfort level with having their artwork featured in the front window. If you do NOT want a specific piece considered for featuring in our front window, for whatever reason, please let us know.

Submission #1:

Submission #2:

Submission #3:

Submission #4:

Submission #5:

Please include all artwork for a given show on one submission form

How I Can Help:
Check the show page for details.  For in-person shows, let us know when you can help with labelling, the reception, sitting the show on Saturdays, or take-down

Comments or Questions:
Please let us know where you heard about the show!

If this show requires a fee, please be sure to send your payment to:
PO Box 136
Whitinsville, MA 01588

We also have a PayPal account at BVArtAssoc AT

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