BVAA Pet Portrait Painters

The Blackstone Valley Art Association has many talented pet portrait painters in our mix. Here is a listing of the ones we know about so far. If you’re a BVAA member who offers pet portraits and aren’t on this list yet, contact us so we can add you in!

Betty Havens

Betty paints delightful watercolor pet portraits. During the holiday season she even does pet portraits while people wait! The rest of the time, simply email her a photo and she does her magic.

Karen Pendleton

Karen creates beautiful black and white illustrations of pets. She can add color to those if you wish.

Karen Pendleton Gallery

Scott Nelson

Scott is a talented illustrator and painter. He teaches drawing classes at the Worcester Art Museum and has illustrated many area children’s books.

Scott Nelson Artwork Details

Lynne Randolph

Lynne wins countless awards with her fine pastel work in our shows. Let her turn your pet portrait into a work of beauty.

If you’re a BVAA member who isn’t listed yet, let us know!

I’ll add a gallery of the instructors’ featured paintings here soon, once I hear from them what they want to showcase.

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