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The Blackstone Valley Art Association is a creative non-profit organization. The team which guides our community shares their time and energy for the love of our group! We would be delighted to have you join us. It is rewarding, fun, and energizing!

Officers and board members are voted on by our members at each May Annual Meeting. An officer’s term is one year – it runs from September through the following August. A board member’s term is a three year term. Officers and board members answer the email and brainstorm ideas about upcoming events. Every three months, they meet at the Uxbridge gallery (or virtually if necessary) to think up ideas for events and outings for the coming season. It’s a lot of fun!

Here are our current elected officers and board members!

Lisa Shea – President

Lisa Shea - Vice President

Gallery Guru
Lisa is eclectic. Creative. She adores trying new things and stretching the boundaries. If it’s out of the ordinary, like red scale photography or bicycle gear cyanotypes, Lisa dives into it. She loves coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for our Saturday workshops. Lisa sends out the weekly newsletters – if you’ve got something to share in them, let her know!

Bob Evans – Vice President

Bob Evans - President

Renaissance Man
Bob has traveled the globe and experimented in a fascinating variety of art styles. He sees the big picture. He deftly balances our time, energy, and creative passions. He’s a talented artist, photographer, and inventor who is just as comfortable designing our amazing tech window display as he is running courses on advanced Photoshop. Best of all, when there’s a Street Photography field trip, he has no problem at all diving face-first into the snow to give the participants the shot of a lifetime.

Brent DeWitt – Secretary

Inventor and Engineer
Brent is talented in a wide range of areas – 3D printing, photography, engineering, radios, and more! We love to see what he comes up with next.

Carol Frieswick – Treasurer

Carol Frieswick - Treasurer

Penny Pincher
The Blackstone Valley Art Association has been around for a full sixty years! That’s an amazing wealth of history and tradition in our group. Carol Frieswick is the one who makes sure we’ll be around for another sixty years. She maps out our monthly workshops and makes sure we can pay all the instructors while having enough for artwork supplies, reception costs, and all the myriad of other things which are involved in running an organization like ours. It’s thanks to Carol’s tireless efforts that our group flows so smoothly!
Carol Frieswick Artist on Facebook

Michelle Benjamin – Social Networking

Creative Instigator
Michelle works at Open Sky and is fantastic at developing partnerships for us to expand and enrich our activities. She’s both an artist and a poet. We love having her creative ideas in our mix!

All of our board members and officers volunteer their time and energy. Our Blackstone Valley Art Association membership appreciates their efforts and enthusiasm!

In addition to the above voted-in names, we also would like to celebrate a special member who brings our events and social occasions to brilliant life.

Pam Siderewicz – Board Member

Pam Siderewicz - Board Member

Past President and Show Committee Head
Pam led our group for many years and understands all aspects of what makes the BVAA such an amazing organization. She has seen the group upgrade from meeting in a tiny conference room, to a larger meeting area, to now where we have our very own gallery to call our home. Pam is also the Keeper of the Panels. She’s donating her garage space to organizing and holding all of our panel and hanging gear. We appreciate it greatly!
Term – Sept 2019 to Aug 2022
Pam Siderewicz on Facebook

Karen Pendleton – Board Member

Monochrome Goddess
If you go to one of our shows and see a selection of black and white ink drawings of beautiful animals, chances are you’re experiencing the talents of Karen Pendleton. Karen has been with our group for many years and is a delight. She’s warm, friendly, and always willing to lend a hand or offer helpful suggestions.
Term – Sept 2019 to Aug 2022
Karen Pendleton’s BVAA Gallery

Laura O. Cenedella – Board Member

Inspirational Genius

Amazingly creative. Laura is the one painting in the daffodils. Teaching us impasto at River Bend Farm. Out on the street creating beautiful images of the cafe across the way. If there’s something inventive going on, you can bet Laura is at the root of it!
Term – Sept 2019 to Aug 2022
Laura Cenedella’s BVAA Gallery

Are you interested in joining our team? We’d love to hear from you!

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