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Since 1957 the Blackstone Valley Art Association members have continued the original charter of offering a cultural dimension in the Valley by fostering interest in the arts through exhibitions, demonstrations and meetings. Founding members Alfred Demars, William Boyd and Raymond Sullivan knew there was a void in the region. A tremendous number of people nurtured the expansion and development of one of the oldest art associations in the area. Members such as Bernard Corey, Doris Daniels Cox, Michael Graves, Raymond Andreotti, Marilyn Rocks, Linda Sinacola, to name a few, have gone onto very successful careers.

Over the years professional galleries, old mills, public buildings, assisted living facilities and even a flower farm have been the venue for the many shows per year the BVAA has held. At this time, we have a major spring and fall show. With a growing contingency of photographers, our January Show at Alternatives/Uxbridge exemplifies the hidden talent in our region. We participate in several other shows throughout the year in addition to our ongoing exhibit at the Milford Television Studio which changes every two months.

The BVAA continues to have meetings at least every odd numbered month since our beginning and attempt to plan field trips and outings the months we don’t have formal meetings. With all the current talent and interest, we have a full schedule this year. Please visit our website to see our latest activities, meetings, show awards, member activities and galleries in addition to our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other sites.

The BVAA is a diverse and eclectic group that enjoys art and camaraderie. Come join us!

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Here are links to works by a few of our alumni.

BVAA Alumni Gallery

We also maintain a page for our BVAA members who have passed on:

BVAA In Memoriam Gallery

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