Business Cards

Here are a few business cards from our BVAA members. Business cards are 2″ x 3.5″ and hold basic contact information for a person. Get inspired and create your own artist business card! For instructions on making them, visit How to Make an Artist’s Business Card

These first two are from BVAA member Dennis Smith. They are a portrait orientation. Click on them for a larger version.

Dennis Smith Artist Card Dennis Smith Artist Card


The card on the left is for Dennis’s artistic projects. Note the gorgeous impressionist painting in the background to showcase his style.


The card on the right shows his photography skills. He handles real estate and commercial projects, so the photos show his home and house imagery.


Next, here’s one for Bob Evans. He maintains his photography and other artwork at The phone number is blurred; on the actual card that would be legible. Click for a larger image.


On Bbb’s card the image showcased is a beautiful cyanotype of a statue. Its monochromatic presentation emphasizes the details in the statue.

Carol Dandrade has a gentle card with flowing script to feature her beautiful photo. Note how an overall mood is created by her choice of artwork and font. She makes good use of the quiet areas of the image to present her contact information.



Next we have Judy Belben.

Judy Belben Business Card


Judy showcases her lovely wildlife photography and lists the types of photography projects she specializes in. She provides contact information in a variety of ways.





These next two are from Michael Backunas. The top card is double sided while the bottom card has information just on one side. You can see how that impacts the designs. He creates gorgeous landscapes, amongst other things.



Here is the Blackstone Valley Art Association card. It is double sided. It provides information on the types of activities the BVAA is involved in and provides a wealth of contact options. The QR code makes it easy for those with mobile phones to jump to the website. Because it’s all white, I put a box around it so you can see what its shape is. Otherwise it would just merge into the page background :).

BVAA Business Card
BVAA Business Card
BVAA Business Card
BVAA Business Card










Next up is Al Weems. He explains:

For my business card I have basically kept it quite simple for many years. I never put a photo on it. If I did I would feel like I would have to change it all the time, would get old with image(s), also clients will never hire me based on a photo on a card or certainly never have. It is a point of contact/networking and that has always been successful.

al weems


Donna Manley does a variety of types of photography. She keeps different styles of cards on hand so that she can give a prospective client a card that best matches their interests. For example, this is one of her cards that she uses for her race car photography. Note the clean lines and the curves on the edges.

donna manley

Here’s Lisa Shea’s card, for her photography.

Lisa Shea Business Card


The image there is a photograph of Singing Falls in Sutton, Massachusetts.  The contact information takes into account a few basic ways a person might then learn more about Lisa’s photography.

She’s considering doing a two-sided card to provide better external links to her various social networking feeds.



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