Gallery – Laura Cenedella

This gallery is for BVAA member Laura Cenedella.

Laura O. Cenedella is a New England Artist. She was born on August 15,1968 in Western Massachusetts. Her family moved to Cape Cod where she spent her early years. Inspired by her mother and the Artists before her, she entered and won her first Art Competition, Regional, State, and National in the 3rd grade. During her teens she spent her school years in Western Massachusetts and the summers on Long Island Sound. Laura majored in Art while attending High School where she graduated with honors.

Laura has worked with many non profit businesses that has awarded her community grants and acknowledgements. She was chosen from a long list of Artists by The City of Pawtucket, RI for a public art display. Her Painted Canoe won her a two page spread in a Tabletop Art Book. Her work and paintings has given her a place in Artist, State and Local Tourism Magazines. She has won an award from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation for an Art Installation. Laura was hired by a regional printing company to do paintings that depicted local towns for phonebook covers. Her paintings have won Artist ribbons, First, Second, and Third place. Her community efforts have been recognized and awarded by local Chamber of Commerce’s, Tourism and Education Programs. She was also given the honor of participating as an Artist Residency for Public School Systems in Massachusetts.

Laura prefers to paint with oils on birch panels, but her artwork varies. She believes that since she teaches many mediums, she should use them. Always humble. Laura believes in continuing to learn and grow as it is important as one who has not yet arrived and still reaching for success.