Bonnie Frederico Art Instructor

Bonnie Frederico Art Instructor – Oil Painting, Pastels and Colored Pencil

Talented artist Bonnie Frederico offers small-class art classes in the comfort of her Grafton studio! Bonnie is offering classes in oil painting, pastels, and colored pencil. She provides hands-on advice and mentoring!

Here are just a few of her paintings to show her style. Click on any image for the full-proportion version.

One of Bonnie’s popular paintings is of a gorgeous bluebird –

Bonnie has done a number of step-by-step video workshops on painting for the BVAA over the years. This one is of the Grafton Gazebo in winter –

Bonnie also did a video workshop on painting a rural Grafton barway (fence gate)-

Here’s Bonnie’s website to view more of her artwork and to sign up for courses:

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