Understanding Color Hue and Chroma to bring Depth to your Art with Sue Dion

Understanding Color Hue and Chroma to bring Depth to your Art with Sue Dion

In this amazing workshop with Sue Dion, artists of all styles can learn more about color hue and chroma. This knowledge elevates watercolors, acrylics, oil paintings, colored pencils, pastels, and more. Understanding how your personal set of colors work and how to mix / blend them can be critical to creating a cohesive final painting. In addition, learning how to ‘dull’ your colors with their complements can be the key to creating rich depth in your images.

To begin with, you’ll want to trace / draw two templates onto whatever type of paper or canvas you use for your medium.

First, trace or draw this color wheel. It doesn’t need to be “exact”. It just needs to have these general wedge areas.

Next, draw out these trios of squares on your chosen type of paper / canvas. Again, the squares don’t need to be any specific size or shape. It’s just about making places to put your colors together.

You’ll be guided through how to use these templates in the video workshop.

Here’s the color wheel Sue shows in the video:

Here is the hour-long workshop, supported in part by the Uxbridge Cultural Council.

For Primary Yellow, Sue suggests using something close to:
cadmium yellow light / hansa yellow / lemon yellow

Here are some of the items that Sue recommends during her workshop:

“Navigating Color Space” video by Gamblin

Gray Scale and Value Finder:

Red & Green Viewing Filter Set:

“The Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolor Paints” by Michael Wilcox

“Color Mixing Swatch Book” by Michael Wilcox

“Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green” by Michael Wilcox

“The New Munsell Student Color Set” by Ron Reed

Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper

Sue Dion on Mastrius for personal mentorship:

Sue Dion website:

Sue Dion’s art courses at the Worcester Art Museum:


Sue Dion on YouTube:

More about taking art classes with Sue –

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