Sue Dion Art Instructor - Blue Hyrdangeas

Sue Dion Art Instructor – Acrylic and Watercolor

Sue Dion is an amazingly talented artist with a studio in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Sue has sold her artwork around the world. She is known for her loose style with abstracts, florals, and landscapes. She primarily works in acrylics and watercolors.

Here are just a few samples of Sue’s works. Click on one to see it at its full proportions.

Sue teaches classes both in person at her Uxbridge studio and also on line. Here are links to explore Sue’s offerings.

Sue Dion on Mastrius for personal mentorship:

Sue Dion website:

Sue Dion’s art courses at the Worcester Art Museum:

Sue Dion on YouTube:

Here’s a video of a workshop Sue presented for the BVAA on color hue and chroma:

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