Century Kodak No. 1A Semi-Centennial Stand

Remember the old days of enormously-sized large-format cameras? They needed a solid wood table to support them. A hand-wheel would raise or lower that table, to set the height of the camera.

This large-format camera stand is known as the Century Kodak No. 1A Semi-Centennial Stand. It was made in the 1925 / 1926 timeframe. It is about 50 inches tall. It is solid wood with what appears to be cast iron supports. It’s mounted on three wheels. It’s meant to hold a wet plate or large format camera.

There is a metal placard on it which states:

made by
Eastman Kodak Co.
Successor to
Century Camera Co.
Rochester, N.Y.

This was donated to the Blackstone Valley Art Association by Stephanie Sullivan of AVIA Consulting, a long-time avid photographer. We were thinking of using it as a stand in the gallery, but it’s a bit bulky for the space we have in the front window area. So we are offering it to members to add a beautiful accent to their homes for $500 or best offer. The donation goes to support the activities of the BVAA.

The wheel does work to turn the wood tray up and down – you could set it to whatever height you wanted. It might be missing a screw, we’re not sure. The top side of the tray is a soft velvet type of material.

Ask with any questions!

2 thoughts to “Century Kodak No. 1A Semi-Centennial Stand”

  1. Did you sell the stand? And if you did can I ask what you got, I have one in good working order and don’t know what to price it at.. Thanks you ahead of time

    1. We were offering this as a treat to our members in exchange for a donation to the group. So I wouldn’t really call this a sale in the sense that we weren’t asking market value. We wanted to get the stand out of its temporary shed and into the home of a member who would love it, while also helping the BVAA with its supplies fund. She paid $500. Usually we just give items to each other for free :).

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