Art – Poetry – Bob Evans and Kevin Paul Saleeba

For our 2017 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Bob Evans and poet Kevin Paul Saleeba.

Here are the works they created!

Bob provided this photograph to Kevin:

In response, Kevin wrote the following poem:


Lysergic fire spirals

Through the limpid midnight blue

Stars dance out of sight

In psychedelic destructive hue


Sudden gravitational collapse

A violent outburst of atomic core

Interstellar velocity

A shockwave of prehistoric folklore


Degenerative brilliance

Catastrophic Astronomy

Cosmic evolution

Celestial Domine

The second half of this pairing involved Kevin giving Bob a poem as a starting point. Kevin provided this poem:

a moth trapped in a light fixture

fluttering wisps of tiny white wings
springing from their dark cocoon
a bouncing blur of insect life across the brisk fall sky

charming rays of Lunar Light which prance before ocellus eyes
calling flyers of the night
as they dance across the nocturnal sky

restless winds whisk a moth away
from Heaven’s blissful astral orb
the bewildered bug tumbles blindly away from the illusive sky

emptiness traps the moth in limbo on the ground
as shades of clouds hide the bright ambassadors of the night
no Moon to see nor Stars to guide as a void spreads across the open sky

small eyes are suddenly mesmerized
the enticing shimmer of synthetic shine
quivering wings stretch, flap, and spring the moth into the vacant sky

slipping through a crack in the glare
the moth smashing and bashing its head
crashing against the plastic walls; restriction from the joyous sky


melting beneath the warmth of bright death
tired wings cease to wave
unimportant to all, the moth takes its last breath

In response, Bob created this photograph:

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