Imago foundation for the Arts

Borders, Boundaries, and Beyond Art Show

This art show is hosted by the Imago foundation for the Arts in Warren, Rhode Island. The BVAA is NOT involved in this show – we are merely helping to spread the word!

* * *

IFA is announcing a call to artists for an upcoming exhibit, “Borders, Boundaries, and Beyond.” The call is open to artists whose art explores the complex visual intersections of borders and boundaries as well as art where limits dissolve, and new narratives emerge.

Artists are invited to interpret “Borders, Boundaries, and Beyond” through the lens of their own experiences and artistic vision – whether confronting geopolitical borders, personal boundaries, or exploring the limitless realms of the imagination, this call encourages a broad spectrum of interpretations. Artists are urged to investigate the dichotomies of confinement and liberation, order and chaos, and to envision new possibilities that transcend conventional constraints.

Cash Awards- total $850

Online Submission Deadline – Sunday April 28th at 11:59pm PST

All media except for video or screen artworks are welcome


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