Art – Poetry – Bob See and Bob Marrone

For our 2017 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Bob See and poet Bob Marrone.

Here are the works they created!

Bob S provided this photo to Bob M:

In response, Bob M wrote the following poem:

Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket Island, MA

It stands alert, a patient guard
An ocean fence, an island yard;
The elements attack at will,
But there it stands ever still

It’s epic pose a luring sight
Its constant vigil through the night;
Its ruby wink, far distant reach,
Warns the traveler from the beach

The years have passed; the changes came
And still the endless frightful game
No simple structure made by man
Has ever worked a nobler plan

The second half of this pairing involved Bob M giving Bob S a poem as a starting point. Bob M provided this poem:

The pencil is a wondrous thing
It gives us art and written speech
It scribes in earthy tones of gray
Or vivid colors rainbow bright

The pencil comes from lofty trees
And earthy clay from deep below
Empowering children young and bright
And artists skilled and in the know

What can we do to sing its praise
To make the world see all its splendor
To show the tribute it deserves
And share the joy that it can render.

In response, Bob S created this photograph:

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