Art – Poetry – Pamela Siderewicz and Kara Emily Krantz

For our 2017 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Pamela Siderewicz and poet Kara Emily Krantz.

Here are the works they created!

Pamela provided this photo to Kara Emily:

In response, Kara Emily wrote the following poem:

Your words are barren drifts
against my heart.

I feel them press upon my
chest. Cold reminders of
promises gone by.

The shadows dance black
against white, and I lose
myself in all the grey.

And I absently wonder
at what point you took
your love

The second half of this pairing involved Kara Emily giving Pamela a poem as a starting point. Kara Emily provided this poem:

Falling Foliage

I love you with a deep tide in my soul,
ebbing and flowing with the moon.
I ache for your understanding,
want to pick the berries of your branches,
but you leave
a bit too soon.


I am hungry for the earth, for the trees, for the sky.
Hungry for a look (I never see) in your eyes.
I’m aching, bereft,
hungry for me.

I love you but I must leave you,
as leaves bid farewell to the trees.
I just pray that you hold on
to the fallen pieces of me.

In response, Pamela created this painting:

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