Art – Poetry – Lisa Shea and Jane Nozzolillo

For our 2017 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Lisa Shea and poet Jane Nozzolillo.

Here are the works they created!

Lisa provided this photo to Jane:

In response, Jane wrote the following poem:

The Beach

I walked on the beach begging
The ocean to hear my
I look down as a wave slapped
Against me
An accident changed my life
When it took my love
It left me wandering aimlessly
Every night and every
My eyes fell upon a little
Snail moving slowly in the
I reached down, picked it up
And held it in my
The little head disappeared into
Its shell escaping every
And I wonder if I was doing
The same thing with my

The second half of this pairing involved Jane giving Lisa a poem as a starting point. Jane provided this poem:

Around the Corner

Guess what came around
the corner the other
Old age, and no matter what I said
it decided to
The first hint that I had that it was going to
was when I bent over
Oh! The pain in my
I looked in the mirror, at my wrinkles
and my
double chin
I vowed to exercise
This horrible creature was not going
to win

In response, Lisa created this photograph with digital editing:

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