Spring Show 2024 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 2024 BVAA members-only Spring Show! The judge for this show was Carol Arnold.

Congratulations to Verne Thayer for his honorable mention for “Fall Bridge” in our Spring Show! The judge loved Verne’s use of light, the way the light hits the tree and water, drawing your eye around the landscape. The composition was lovely, and there is a great use of color. Oil painting, $1800.

Congratulations to Steve Paulson for his honorable mention with “Winter Pastoral”. Watercolor $120. The judge loved Steve’s design and perspective, with the great feeling of distance. “The fence was done so well! Not putting in every post and great variety!” Then from that fence your eye is drawn deeper and deeper into the image, with the soft colors and barely-painted-in-trees. She loved that fading-into-the-distance sense. It created a strong sense of emotion.

Congratulations to Janice Fortin for her honorable mention in the BVAA Spring Show with “Pachyderm” watercolor $75. The judge loved this painting, with its loose and free nature and playful youthful appeal. The painting resonates with joyful emotion and energy. There’s a great sense of movement and energy.

Congratulations to Claire Messier for winning third place with her pastel “Friend or Foe?”. The judge loved the skillful technique showcased in this art, with the softer background and the vivid details on the fox. The eye is really drawn in to the fox itself.

Congratulations to second place prize winner Carol Frieswick for her oil painting “Peony in Teacups” $200. The judge loved the luminous light and the skillful composition of the flower and cups. The use of color and light caught her eye from across the room – a beautiful combination of colors which complement each other quite well. It almost glows. Every petal has its own hue. Carol F commented that it was quite challenging to present the symmetry of the saucers.

Congratulations to Nancy Russell for winning first place with her watercolor and gouache painting “July”! The judge loved the gorgeous use of light and the composition with the varied non-linear background. There’s a real sense of emotion in the dog, an alert eagerness. The viewer is drawn in to wonder what the dog is looking at and what is going on – is he about to run after a stick? There are beautiful colors and nice use of lost edges / shadow so that the scene feels natural. Great light-medium-dark values.