Art – Poetry – Linda DeFeudis and Christine Wheeler Beauchaine

For our 2017 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with painter Linda DeFeudis and poet Christine Wheeler Beauchaine.

Here are the works they created!

Linda DeFeudis provided this painting to Christine:

In response, Christine wrote the following poem:


Love without measure
And friends to treasure
Small moments of pleasure
Cookies and tea
Friends you’ve known forever
Time well-spent together
Surviving the weather
Come share with me
The warmth of the kitchen
You talk and I’ll listen
Like new snow, words glisten
Cookies and tea
A time now for sharing
A time now for caring
Love all things bearing
Come spend time with me
So happy ever after
Talking and laughter
And during and after
Cookies and tea.


The second half of this pairing involved Christine giving Linda a poem as a starting point. Christine provided this poem:


Yellow-veined and orange
The autumn leaf
I picked it up because it was beautiful
I carried it
As I walked with my love
And talked with my love
But at the bridge
I painted another picture
I let go and it fell
A symbol, if you will
For strife, for confusion
“You’ll write a poem about that leaf,”
He said
And took my hand


In response, Linda created this painting:


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