Art – Poetry Pairing 2018

“Painting is silent poetry,
And poetry is painting that speaks.”
— Plutarch

We had 17 pairings of artists and poets for our 2018 Art-Poetry Pairing exhibition. The show first ran at the Worcester Public Library for February, 2018. It is now at the Blackstone Public Library for the month of March 2018! Come on out and see it in person! It will then travel to the Millbury Barnes & Noble for the last week of the show.

Joining the Blackstone Valley Art Association artists are poets from the Sutton Writing Group and the Worcester Writers Collaborative.

Worcester Public Library – February
Blackstone Public Library – March
Millbury Barnes & Noble – April 1-8

Here’s the full details we provided each pairing on how this process works!

Art and Poetry Pairing – How It Works

Each artist gave the poet a visual work of art to interpret. At the same time, each poet wrote an original poem for the artist to interpret. Here are the resulting pairings! Click on each image to see the full details of the artwork and poetry for that pair.

Artist: Elizabeth Decasse
Poet: Evan Plante

Artist: Linda DeFeudis
Poet: Jane Nozzolillo

Artist: Sue Dion
Poet: Jody Zolli

Artist: Bob Evans
Poet: Kara Emily Krantz

Artist: Carol Frieswick
Poet: Patty Cahill

Artist: Sarah Beth Guimond
Poet: Mary McDonald

Artist: Kara Emily Krantz
Poet: Elizabeth Decasse

Artist: Donna Manley
Poet: Andrea Lettic

Artist: Carole Plante
Poet: S.M. Nevermore

Artist: John Randell
Poet: Lisa Shea

Artist: Frank Robertson
Poet: Christine Beauchaine

Artist: Lisa Shea
Poet: Sarah Beth Guimond

Artist: Pam Siderewicz
Poet: Karen Elizabeth Sharpe

Artist: Dennis Smith
Poet: Bob Marrone

Artist: Al Weems
Poet: Trisha Wooldridge

Artist: Christine Beauchaine
Poet: Linda DeFeudis

Artist: Mike Zeis
Poet: Kevin Saleeba

Poetry PDF for Proofing
Version 4