Art – Poetry – Christine Wheeler Beauchaine and Linda DeFeudis

For our 2018 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Christine Wheeler Beauchaine and poet Linda DeFeudis.

Here are the works they created!

Christine Wheeler Beauchaine provided this artwork to Linda:

In response, Linda wrote the following poem:

The Typewriter

Black and majestic
I sit,
stoic and proud,
My frequent use awaited

Skillful Hands
My letters,
Their touch,
My keys of communication

What will I write today?
A letter,
An essay,
A love story?

Infinite possibilities
Now cut short,

I often sit alone,

My black,
Once shining
Now dismal

My “Royal” throne

The new King,

The second half of this pairing involved Linda giving Christine a poem as a starting point. Linda provided this poem:


A deceased mother, Barbara, to her daughter

Daughter, a part
Within you, I am

My spirit,
Your spirit,
Your arms,
My arms,
A warm embrace

A vision,
I see you,
Feel, touch you,
Your face

My being,
Your being,
Within you,
I walk

Walk softly,
Walk softly,
Listen, quiet,
A whisper,
My talk

You now the leader,
Your footsteps,
Now my footsteps

I follow
In closeness,
In unison,
We, together

My being, your being
Now oneness
In time / space

Your walk,
My walk,
Your steps,
My steps

Alone you are not
I follow in heart

Try not to ponder
Or ask questions why

Feel me,
Our closeness,
Our oneness,
Please try

In response, Christine created this artwork:

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