Art – Poetry – Dennis Smith and Bob Marrone

For our 2018 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Dennis Smith and poet Bob Marrone.

Here are the works they created!

Dennis Smith provided this artwork to Bob:

In response, Bob wrote the following poem:

New England Scene with Barn

At crack of dawn; at edge of night
When darkness falls; in brightest light
In Misty morning; in summer storm
In snow so thick it hides its form

It stands the test of weathered time
Clapboards bare and showing grime
Majestic purple could steal the scene
But has a rival in nature’s green

Adorned with splendor by Old Glory
Adding substance to the story
Soul of nation, heart of man
Making peace with nature’s plan

The second half of this pairing involved Bob giving Dennis a poem as a starting point. Bob provided this poem:

The doors are closed, the locks show rust
No entry through the backward room
Facing forward as I must
Looking at a fateful gloom

Onward onto unknown ground
No road to show the way or pace
Seeking answers never found
Slowing in the endless race

Ever forward no time to tarry
Lasting efforts holding sway
Seeing life now, not so scary
Opening doors to show the way

In response, Dennis created this artwork:

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