Art – Poetry – Linda DeFeudis and Jane Nozzolillo

For our 2018 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Linda DeFeudis and poet Jane Nozzolillo.

Here are the works they created!

Linda DeFeudis provided this artwork to Jane:

In response, Jane wrote the following poem:

The pink bike leaned against the barn
wall waiting for my daughter to be
I whispered to the little bike that today
its wheels would not be
In my heart I will always see her flying
down the neighboring
Her little bike basket which she loved so
much filled with her favorite
My husband came and stood next to me
looking at my eyes so red and
My dear, he said, she will be back in two
weeks it’s only summer

The second half of this pairing involved Jane giving Linda a poem as a starting point. Jane provided this poem:

Have you ever thought, as I have, in my
golden years, that time is just flying
The years, the months, even the days
are taken from us with barely a blink of an
It seems like yesterday, or at least last year,
that I turned forty-five
And now if it wasn’t for a wonderful doctor,
I might not even be alive
But I am alive, exploring and enjoying
every wonderful day
And I’m not letting that racing thing called time
get in the way

In response, Linda created this artwork:

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