Art – Poetry – Frank Robertson and Christine Wheeler Beauchaine

For our 2018 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Frank Robertson and poet Christine Wheeler Beauchaine.

Here are the works they created!

Frank Robertson provided this artwork to Christine:

Gathering the Nectar

In response, Christine wrote the following poem:

Sitting in the late summer sunshine
Writing and writing in my journal
Jumbled chaotic thoughts
And melodramatic poetry
I might never let anyone read
Trying to sort out everything
All of my life really
But mostly love
When over my shoulder
A buzzing so loud
I wonder
How large and angry is this insect
Yet is no unhappy bug
But a hummingbird
Green and gold
Wings beating frantically
And my heart too
For I have never seen one up close before
It is miraculous to me
I decide to take it as a portent
Of good things to come
And a reassurance
That all will be well

The second half of this pairing involved Christine giving Frank a poem as a starting point. Christine provided this poem:

In the early morning darkness
Alone with my thoughts
And the dog
The train rumbles past
Like the end of the world
Or the beginning
We used to chase them
You and I
For you loved them
And I love you
And I could not have imagined
Someday I would miss that

In response, Frank created this artwork:

Days Gone By

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