Art – Poetry – Carole Plante and S. M. Nevermore

For our 2018 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with artist Carole Plante and poet S. M. Nevermore.

Here are the works they created!

Carole Plante provided this artwork to S. M.:

Mind Like A Sieve

In response, S. M. wrote the following poem:

The Only Question

I am the pilot who steers the plane.
I am the one who makes the flowers grow.
I am the one who decides where to go.

But where exactly do I go?

The choices are endless.
The places are boundless.

It doesn’t have to exist.
I can visit lands of make believe and fable.
I can traverse alternate worlds.
There are no barriers for me.

I can see things no other can see.
I can do things no other can do.
I can go where no other can go.

Who says ants can’t ride a turtle’s back?
Who says I can’t have cake in the garden?
Who says I can’t find a slipper that belongs to a giantess?

No one but I.
The book is there.
The pages are blank.
The door is open.

The only question is where do I begin?

The second half of this pairing involved S. M. giving Carol a poem as a starting point. S. M. provided this poem:

When Spirits Cross the Street

I’ll bet you’ve never seen,
When spirits cross the street.

A sudden scattering of leaves,
A trail of snow hissing across the road.
Why, you’d never guess what’s within the bluster.

The smallest of these gales are children,
Still frolicking in their play.
The larger are adults and elders,
Watching the young create their games.

Life goes on, so to speak.
Woods that are long gone,
Homes that have long been torn,
Still exist for these happy spirits.

They greet each other with cheer,
They shop, they lounge,
They’ll even cook a meal.
For family and friends are all that matter here.

Families reunite and friends come together.
‘Tis not a sad endeavor.
For even though some may wait what seems like ages,
All families find each other in stages.

So when you see a flurry of leaves,
Or a dusting of snow as you drive,
Think of which spirits you might find.
As you drive on by.

Oh, please don’t fret about harm.
For they hardly notice as you drive on through.
They’ll continue on as normal just as you or I.
If you did see them it would surely be a sight.

Oh the wonders you see when times collide.
Horses, buggies, motorcycles.
Hoop stick, game boys, and hopscotch.
Empire gowns, flappers, short shorts and leather jackets.

Now, you may think me strange or false,
You may cry folly and faint.
I assure you that I jest you not.

I can see what few others can’t see,
When spirits cross the street.

In response, Carol created this artwork:

Distant Memories

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