Blackstone Valley Art Association Anything Goes Reception 2019

The reception for the 2019 Blackstone Valley Anything Goes photography show was a wonderful hit! This was on Friday, January 18th, 2019 from 4-7pm at our Uxbridge Gallery. Here’s the list of winners for the show.

1st prize – Al Weems “Untitled” (younger woman with dark hair)
2nd prize – Dennis Smith “Harbor Sunrise”
3rd prize – Al Weems “Untitled” (older woman with white hair)
Honorable mention – Linda Nelson “Textures”
Honorable mention – Luke MacNeil “Rhyolite”
Honorable mention – Michael Backunas “It’s Only Temporary, Popham Beach”

Film Sub-show
1st prize – Anthony Monterotti “Tubby”
2nd prize – Mike Zeis “Rusty Door”
3rd prize – Bob See “Untitled” (starling and gopher)

Here’s some photos from the reception! We’ll be adding in more images of the winning items as they are sent in to us.

This video has Mike Zeis explain how his 4×5 film camera works –

Here’s a webpage with more information:

Mike Zeis – Rusty Door 4×5 film photography

Walkthrough of the show:

Details from Anthony Monterotti on his film (first prize) process:

Anthony Monterotti – Tubby and Lefty Film Photography

Details from Bob See on his film (third prize) process:

Bob See – Nikon N8008 35mm film camera

Here’s the full details of the show!

Anything Goes Photography Show

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