Anthony Monterotti – Tubby and Lefty Film Photography

I took these photos with a Canon AE-1 single lens reflex, film camera. I have had 3 or 4 of these Canon Film Camera’s throughout my photo career! When one gets lost, broken or stolen I always find a new one to replace it. For me, it’s a fun and accurate film camera. Ergonomically it’s perfect for my hand size and shape. All the settings and features make send to me and I know how to use it well.

Anthony Monterotti film first prize – Tubby

I think I bought my first Canon AE-1 in about 1985 on the recommendations by a retired newspaper reporter / photographer from Orange County, Ca. He was nice enough to take the time to show me how to use all the features and options to get the most out of it. I still have my first test roll we shot on this instructional day.


Anthony Monterotti detail

hmm what to say about the camera at this point, it’s just a sexy little camera that is light enough to carry around your neck for hours without any issues. It’s also very well made and durable. The Canon AE-1 is considered to be a beginner’s camera, an amateur’s camera but I have seen many professional photographers use one and have ready in their camera bags. The Canon AE-1 is the first camera I started using while shooting Head shots in Hollywood, Ca. in 1996, I had to attach a power winder to the bottom base of the body in order to make it sound professional lol.

Many other camera manufacturers have their own entry level film cameras and they are really good but for some reason I have only used my Canon AE-1 for art shooting. I also have 2 Nikon N90 film cameras, a Bronica GS-1 6×7 medium format and a couple plastic Holga pin hole tomography camera which are super fun. The plastic Holgas I used with outdated and expired color film because the results are very random and arbitrary , the cameras are not sealed very well and light streaks with either enhance or destroy the results, which for me is part of the Fun.


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