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BVAA Uxbridge Show Schedule for 2023

Here is the proposed schedule for the BVAA Uxbridge Gallery for the year 2023. Please note that this schedule could adjust or shift based on weather issues or other issues. Please always look for a show’s specific page to get its final details.

“Anything Goes” Community Photography Show:
Drop-off Sat Jan 7
Reception Fri Jan 13
Pickup Sat Mar 4
“Anything Goes” Show Details

Teen “Self Expression” Community Show:
Drop-off Sat Mar 4
Reception Fri Mar 10
Pickup Sat Apr 8
Teen Show Details

Members-Only Spring Show (open theme):
Drop-off Sat Apr 8
Reception Fri Apr 15
Pickup Sat June 3

Members-Only Series Show:
Drop-off Sat June 3
Reception Fri June 9
Pickup Sat July 8

Members-Only Carbon Copies Show:
Drop-off Sat July 8
Reception Fri July 14
Pickup Sat Aug 5

“Show of Hands” Community Anything-But-Photography Show:
Drop-off Sat Aug 5
Reception Fri Aug 11
Pickup Sat Sept 9

Members-Only Fall Show (open theme):
Drop-off Sat Sept 9
Reception Fri Sept 15
Pickup Sat Oct 21

“Diversity” Community open theme show:
Drop-off Sat Oct 21
Reception Fri Oct 27
Pickup Sat Nov 18

Members-Only “Great Gifts” show:
Drop-off Sat Nov 18
Reception Fri Nov 24
Pickup Sat Jan 6

Again, all of these dates are estimates. Be sure to watch for the event-specific full detail page for all details about a show!

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