Sunflower Show 2019 – Image Collection

2019 marks the Blackstone Valley Art Association’s third annual Sunflower show, held at the Booklovers’ Gourmet in Webster in August! This beautiful show features delightful sunflowers from an assortment of our BVAA members.

Because the Booklovers’ Gourmet has limited space, for 20-25 art items, we do a pre-selection process. We ask each member who is interested to send us a JPG of their sunflower to If we don’t get enough sunflowers by the deadline (in this case Mon July 22nd 2019 at midnight) we then ask people for more. If we get enough sunflowers, we’re set. If we get too many sunflowers – a problem we haven’t had in the past – we put it to a vote on Facebook.

Here are the entries we have received so far for the 2019 Sunflower Show. We will be updating this page as we approach the deadline. Contact Lisa (using that same with any questions!

2019 Sunflower Show Details

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