Forgotten Art in the BVAA Uxbridge Gallery – July 2018

The following items of artwork have been left behind at the Blackstone Valley Art Association Uxbridge gallery from previous shows. We have made numerous attempts to contact these artists to have them pick up their artwork. If you recognize any artwork or name from this list, please let us know!

If we cannot have someone pick up their artwork by July 31, 2018, we will be planning on raffling off this artwork with proceeds to support the Alternatives community. This will be done online on our Facebook page.

Christina Brown – black and white architecture
These were part of the 2016 Tapestry Show

Mary Melzar – Fun Paintings
These were part of the 2016 Tapestry Show

Sam Tomasiello – Painting

P. Bilodeau – Painting

Sandy Bjorkman – Trio of Paintings
Tapestry 2017 – cannot find any contact info

Sandy B – Irish Owl Painting

Unknown – No Marks at All

Please let us know if you recognize any of these.

These ones are all set:

Anne Clay – large Photomontage
Elaine S. has taken these to give to Anne
These were part of the 2016 Tapestry Show

Sarah Radford – photography
picked up

Rudd Redding – monochrome architectural photography
will hopefully pick up on Saturday 8/3

Linda Farrington – bird photography
Linda is graciously donating her art to the Alternatives Art Auction!
These were part of the 2016 Tapestry Show

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