Celebrating the Blackstone – August 1 to 31 2018

Celebrating the Blackstone

a community artistic exploration of the Blackstone River

For hundreds of years the Blackstone Valley has been defined by its river. Native Americans treasured it for a safe means of travel through thick forest. The Industrial Revolution puts its currents to work powering mills all along its length. In modern times we can still see remnants of the Blackstone Canal and its many locks.

Throughout the month of August 2018 we’ll provide a wealth of ways for you to explore your creativity, get in touch with the history of our beautiful landscape, and have some fun.

Here’s just a few of the events we’re planning. Dates and times are subject to change as we finalize the schedules. Be sure to check back for more details as we get closer!

Sat Aug 4:
Ashton Mills Casual Plein Air / Photography
Ashton Mills, Cumberland RI – 10am

Sun Aug 5:
Photography Workshop with Bob Evans
Millville Canal Lock, Millville MA – 10am

Sat Aug 11:
Sketching Workshop with Jo Ellen Reinhardt
River Bend Farm, Uxbridge MA – 10am

Sun Aug 12:
Watercolor Plein Air Workshop
Blackstone Gorge, Blackstone MA – 10am

Wed Aug 15:
Light Painting Workshop
Millbury Bike Path, Millbury MA – 7:15pm

Sun Aug 19:
Millbury Bike Path Photography Workshop
Millbury Bike Path, Millbury MA – 10am

Sat Aug 25:
Painting Workshop with Mike Graves
River Bend Farm, Uxbridge MA – 9:30am

Sun Aug 26:
Millbury Bike Path Workshop 2
Millbury Bike Path, Millbury MA

Where else should we go along the Blackstone River? Let us know! What else should we do that is art-related and Blackstone River related?

Here’s a map to get you started:

Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor

We then had an open art show, free for community participation, to celebrate all the art we’ve created.

This month-long celebration is sponsored by Constellation, an Exelon company.

To see what we’re doing in 2019, visit:

Celebrating the Blackstone – July 1 to 31 2019

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