Light Painting Photography Workshop – Millbury Bike Path

The Millbury Bike Path is part of the plans for a long bike path / walking path / celebration of the entire Blackstone River from Worcester, MA to Pawtucket, RI. The stretch which is complete in the Millbury area starts at a parking lot near the Blackstone Shoppes mall complex and goes north along the river to the parking lot with the WalMart in Worcester.

Lisa has a PixelStick which is an amazing device to do long-exposure photography with in the darker hours.

We’ll play with it and have some fun!

Completely FREE! Supported by Constellation Energy! πŸ™‚

Directions and Time
We’re meeting at the bike path parking lot. It’s immediately across the highway from the Blackstone Shoppes, on that same road that leads into the Shoppes. So if you look on Google for:

206 North Main Street
Millbury MA

That house is right across the street from the parking lot for the bike path.

We’ll meet there at 7:15pm to gather up everyone. This is the golden hour so we’ll get some lovely photographs on the way in, and then play with the PixelStick and flashlights until we’re done! Please bring a flashlight with you – the path is unlit, which is the whole purpose of being there :). I recommend bug spray as well. This is by a river, after all. It’s good to have a tripod, but you can also rest your camera on a rock or something else to have it steady. It’s also good to have a camera which can take a picture over a long period of time, like 3 or more seconds, but even if you just have a cellphone it’ll be fun too!

Please let us know via our contact form if you’re planning on coming, so we know to wait for you. It’ll be a great evening of learning about photography and exploring our Blackstone River history!

Blackstone Valley Bike Path Photos

This is just one part of our month-long Celebrating the Blackstone artistic celebration. Be sure to check out all of our events!

This month-long celebration is sponsored by Constellation, an Exelon company.

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