2019 Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Calendar

Image by Lisa Shea

It’s that time of year! The deadline is Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 for the 2019 Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Calendar. The theme this year is TRANSPORTATION.

This calendar is put out by the Blackstone Heritage Corridor to celebrate the beauty of the river region.

Photo requirements:
horizontal photo format only;
at least 300 dpi (dots per inch);
10 inches wide by 8 inches high;
in digital JPG format.

Photos must be taken in the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor and focus on transportation (canal, railroad, etc).

No altered or black and white images, and photos must be your own original photography.

Winners are celebrated in a lovely reception and their photos and biographies are run in local newspapers. It’s a great way to get quite a lot of free marketing for your photography.

As part of this process, the artist transfers an unrestricted, non-exclusive license to Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc. for its use for the calendar and other materials.

Many BVAA members have participated in this calendar in past years. The calendar strongly marks each image with its artist’s name, so all calendar buyers know who the artists are. The images have also been showcased in a number of other brochures! All images submitted become part of the BHC image library. Do keep in mind that the BHC doesn’t always credit images. So your photos can sometimes show up in brochures and other documents without credit.

Submissions are done by email. here’s the form and details!

2019 Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Calendar Form

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