Ellen Gould Artist paired with Ibi Obomanu Poet - 2023 BVAA Art-Poetry Show

Art Poetry 2023 – Ellen Gould and Ibi Obomanu

For our 2023 BVAA Art & Poetry Show pairing, one pairing was with poet Ibi Obomanu and artist Ellen Gould.

Here are the works they created!

Ellen Gould provided this artwork to Ibi Obomanu.

In response, Ibi Obomanu wrote the following poem.

The Beauty of Calabash


By Ibi Obomanu

Oh, the shapes and colors that trawls one.
They care not what anyone else thinks.
Take a glimpse at the invisible gourds.
Calabash is the intrinsic nature of ‘Ahh.’
Using the natural drinking cups,
Becomes ineffable.
Can they be described?
There are more to them.
Dig for amazing perks.
As long as water flows consistently,
Grace will flow and blow out fresh air.
Dash to capture the beauty of calabash. 

The second half of this pairing involved Ibi Obomanu giving Ellen Gould a poem as a starting point. Ibi Obomanu provided this poem:

Comity (source)

By Ibi Obomanu

Inner dialogue creeps in on All shades’ door step.
All shades have more similarities than differences.
Their echo is chummy with a companion of ease.
Stand tall against differences frights.
Triumphant and Turmoil can capture All shades inevitably.
Tossing life capabilities to all shades
Can rescue or limit undesirable differences.
Distorted images and inadequacy can be chased away by All shades.
All shades’ efforts require intentionality and concerted effort to oneness.
Different mechanisms set the stage for an organic comity.
All shade can represent, connect and deliver at some level.
All shades can shape, share and soar together.

In response, Ellen created this artwork:

To hear a reading of the poetry, and a discussion of the art:

To learn more about Ellen’s art visit:

To learn more about Ibi’s poetry visit:

For more information on our art-poetry show:

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