2023 BVAA Spectacular Spring Art Show

BVAA Spring Show 2023 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 2023 Blackstone Valley Art Association Spring Show!

First Place / “Summer” oil painting by Young Farwell –

Judge’s notes: Great values / composition, movement throughout, aerial perspective very evident.

Young’s comments: This is only her third oil painting – she primarily works with watercolor. Young redid this painting at least ten different times, working on its composition, before she felt happy with it.


Second Place / “Dum Spiro, Spero – While I Breathe, I Hope” colored pencil by Alexandra Spano –

Judge’s Notes – Excellent handling of colored pencils, textures “right on”, use of mixed media nicely handled.

Artist’s Notes – Alexandra used PrismaColor colored pencils along with gold and copper leaf. She created at least 10 to 20 layers in the painting, burnishing the colored pencil between each layer.


Third Place / “Blueberry Breakfast” oil painting by Pam Gover –

Judge’s Notes – Great value and contrasts, can “feel” the blueberries, like the magnification of subject matter.

Artist’s Notes – Pam has been working on learning new techniques.


Honorable Mention / “Cherry Blossoms” watercolor painting by Bev Tinklenberg –

Judge’s Notes – Great handling of pigments and saving of the white paper, great composition, shadows are right on.

Artist’s Notes – Bev wanted to tackle a project involving ‘negative painting’ – where you paint the shadows around the light areas of the image.


Honorable Mention / “Resting” film photography by Bob Evans –

Judge’s Notes – Good composition, says something to the observer, contrast and textures nicely portrayed.

Artist’s Notes – This image was shot with a Hasselblad 503Cx film camera on Kodak Portra 400 film. Bob developed it himself in a Cinestill kit and then scanned it with a Nikon Z9 into his computer.


Honorable Mention / “A Breath In Between” photography by Lisa Shea –

Judge’s Notes – Choice of subject matter and objects nicely composed, the observer wants to read the notepaper – makes one curious.

Artist’s Notes – Lisa has wanted to do this image since the War in Ukraine began. Lisa is half Ukrainian. The photo and photo album is her mom’s; the image is of her mom. The traditional hat is Lisa’s, that she bought because it’s the style her godfather Paul likes to wear. Here is a straight-on view of the scene.

The juror for this show was Jerry Aissis.

Full details of our 2023 BVAA Spring Show:

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