Louise Pigott Artist paired with Robert Silveri Poet - 2023 BVAA Art-Poetry Show

Art Poetry 2023 – Louise Pigott and Robert Silveri

For our 2023 BVAA Art & Poetry Show pairing, one pairing was with poet Robert Silveri and artist Louise Pigott.

Here are the works they created!

Louise Pigott provided this artwork to Robert Silveri.

In response, Robert Silveri wrote the following poem.

The second half of this pairing involved Robert Silveri giving Louise Pigott a poem as a starting point. Robert Silveri provided this poem:

Our Garden (source)

By Robert Silveri

our garden has grown.
Since you first knelt there on your cushion
furiously working the earth
cultivating and nurturing our roots
so that we might shoot up colorful and strong.
Some of use grew big and wide
as orange day lilies, and we in turn
have multiplied.
Some of us are tall and thin,
blue bachelor buttons.
Still others bright and happy
marigolds. Short and stalky,
orange and yellow.
And others have been transplanted
to add brilliance and texture to our display.
We even have purple petunias,
white snapdragons,
and slim scarlet salvias.
Our garden has flourished,
proud and vibrant,
in the rich black earth,
with you always plucking the weeds
from around our stems.
Some amongst us are just budding,
some wilting,
all of us in different
stages of bloom.
What I want to tell you mother,
is, since you first plunged
your hands into the soil,
such a long time ago,
everything has come up flowers.

In response, Louise created this artwork:

To hear a reading of the poetry, and a discussion of the art:

To learn more about Louise’s art visit:

To learn more about Robert’s poetry visit:

For more information on our art-poetry show:

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