Inktober 2021 in October 2021

October is Inktober! During the month of October, the fantastically fun Inktober celebration begins.

During Inktober, you get a theme word every day. Each day, you do a sketch / drawing / etc. representing what that word means to you. You can interpret it ANY way you want. Most people do this monochrome with black on white, but you can explore your creativity.

You then post your art on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / whatever other systems you like to use. If you don’t use any of them, send it in to the BVAA and we’ll post it on our feeds.

It’s a great way to get into a daily art habit! Ask with any questions!

Here’s the list for October 2021 from the Inktober team. Remember, one a day! Tackle the day’s theme word!

Here’s the official Inktober website, for all the details:

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