2017 Spring Show – Month of June – Blackstone Valley Visitor Center

Our Blackstone Valley Art Association Spring Show will be held the entire month of June in 2017! We’ll be holding it at the lovely Blackstone Valley Visitor Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

You can see what the gallery space looks like here:

Blackstone Valley Visitor Center Gallery

From Carol F: Our big show of the season is coming up! I went to see the Visitor’s center, this week. Great spot. 3 walls are carpeted and the 3rd is all glass, making it very enticing to visitors to go in and see the show.  It also serves as a bus stop area so there is a fair amount of traffic. That time of year it is open on weekends. The volunteer there that day could not have been nicer and informative. I think we should leave a blurb about the BVAA history with the volunteers and some cards or membership forms.  There is a historical Mill across the street, it was late afternoon so there were great shadows on them and a waterfall. It would be fun to have a paint out there on the opening day.

We are still determining details for drop-off, pick-up and everything else. With the show being live for the month of June, the drop-off will probably be the first day. The pick-up will probably be the last :).

Start planning what you’ll bring – this will be a good opportunity for those larger pieces if you have them!

We’ll add in more details here as we get them.

We are going to have two feature displays at this show.

Blackstone Valley Calendar
Several BVAA members had their photography featured in the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor Calendar. You’ll be able to see the originals featured here.

Dot Downing Memorial
Carol Frieswick has some of her paintings and a poem John wrote. If anyone has pics of her they want to share, we can do a collage as well.

The gallery takes a 20% commission, so that will be the entire commission on any sales – the BVAA wouldn’t take anything on top of that.

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