Lisa Shea Origami at Grafton Common Art Gallery

Congratulations to BVAA member Lisa Shea! Her origami was featured in the November 24, 2017 issue of the Blackstone Valley Xpress. Her origami can be found at the Grafton Common Art Gallery through December 15, 2017. Stop on by to take a look!

Here’s the article online – please support local papers and their advertisers! Their reporting keeps us informed of what’s going on.

Blackstone Valley Xpress 11/27/17 Issue (PDF)

BVAA Winners at the 2017 Hopedale Art Show

We had a great year at the 2017 Hopedale Art Show. First, we had two of our members win Purchase Prize awards. Only three were awarded in total so that was pretty amazing!

Don Iacovelli
Beverly Tinklenberg

And then we won a collection of awards as well!

Libia Goncalves
Judy Belben
Deb Bottomley
Bob See
Elizabeth Havens
Deb Bottomley

The full list of winners for the 2017 Hopedale Art Show:

Acrylics / Oils
1 – Raymond Andreotti / Summer Cool
2 – Jennene Pasquarosa / A Look Away
3 – Elizabeth Havens / Watercolor

1 – Raymond Andreotti / Lobster Work
2 – Merilyn Rocks / Gentle Falls County Kildare, Ireland
3 – Deborah Bottomley / Buoy House
HM – Lisa Bailey / Preparation

1 – Beth Hoffer / Dory
2 – Judy Belben / The Eagle US Coast Guard Tall Ship
3 – Bob See / Resting
HM – Wilma Manning / Cape Cod at Dusk

Mixed Media
1 – Libia Goncalves / Iguana
2 – Deborah Bottomley / Follow Me (Pastel)
3 – Karina James / A Day at the Beach

Yankee Xpress Rose Photo Winners

For the summer months of 2017 the Yankee Xpress and Blackstone Valley Xpress ran a contest for the very best rose photos.

Out of the four winners, two of them were BVAA members!

Here is Mike Zeis’s winning submission. Note that this is NOT a digital photo altered via Photoshop!

The original was taken with a medium-format (120) Bronica camera. He then scanned that film image into his computer. Then printed it, in reverse, onto wax paper, using an ink jet printer. Finally he pushed the inked wax paper page onto a damp piece of watercolor paper.

Talk about an artist!

He reports: “Now I consider the original to be a transitory image, ’cause the ink jet transfer is the finished piece.”

Here are others Mike has done:

Carol Dandrade also was chosen as a winner with her lovely entry.

Kudos to both!

Rose Contest Details

You can see the full newspaper with the winners on page 15 here –

Yankee Xpress September Issue