Milford TV Art Show 2021-2022 Schedule

Here’s the schedule of BVAA shows at the Milford TV Studio for the 2021-2022 season!

We have a FREEEEE 2-month show schedule at the Milford TV Studio location. This location gets a fair amount of traffic as locals come and go to the various events there. Our art hangs on the walls in their hallways and rooms. Every two months we swap out with a new theme.

On the swap-out date, we all descend on the studio and hang out from 6-8pm. We take down the old art, put our new art against the walls, and have fun. We bring in our own snacks and drinks for this. It’s casual and relaxing. You can bring as many pieces as you wish on the theme. Milford TV hangs and labels our pieces for us.

On the reception date, Milford TV provides the food and drinks. By now they’ve hung and labelled all the artwork for us. We show up and enjoy the show and conversation from 6-8pm.

It’s free to participate and there’s no stress. Just bring in as many or few art items as you want, on the theme. Just label the back of each with the title, artist name, and price. You don’t have to fill out any online forms. We do have a sign-in sheet there just to keep track of what is in the gallery.

Ask with any questions! And let me know if you spot any typos on any of these pages. In general the date is always the last Wednesday of the month. We only slide it to avoid major holidays. Sometimes we have to move dates due to winter storms and such – we’ll email in advance if that happens.

July 28th, 2021 – Summertime Reception

August 25th, 2021 – Autumn Splendour Drop-off

September 29th, 2021 – Autumn Splendour Reception

October 27th, 2021 – Small Works Drop-off

November 24st, 2021 – Small Works Reception

January 5, 2022 – Winter Magic Drop-Off

January 26th, 2022 – Winter Magic Reception

February 23th, 2022 – Spring Joy Drop-Off

March 30th, 2022 – Spring Joy Reception 

April 27th, 2022 – Monochrome Drop-Off

May 25th, 2022 – Monochrome Reception

June 29th, 2022 – Good Ole Summertime Drop-Off

July 27th, 2022 – Good Ole Summertime Reception

August 31st, 2022 Autumn Splendour Drop-Off

September 28th, 2022 Autum Splendour Reception

Thank you so much to Milford TV for allowing us use of their wall space! Be sure to follow them at:

Milford TV Summertime Show 2021

Milford TV Art Show Jun-Aug 2021 – Good Ole Summertime

We are back to a fully live hung-on-the-walls show! Hurrah!

Beautiful summertime is celebrated at the Milford TV Station!

Every two months the Blackstone Valley Art Association rotates the art show at the Milford TV Station. The drop-off for the upcoming June-August 2020 show on the theme of “Good Ole Summertime” is the week of June 7th to June 11th 2021.

Monday June 7th to Friday June 11th, 2021
Milford TV Station
138 South Main Street
Milford, MA 01757

You can bring in up to five pieces. All members in good standing can participate in this show for free. Please make sure the art is wired for hanging. Label the back with your name, the artwork title, and the price. You don’t need to use the online form for this show – Milford TV takes care of the labels for us.

Please call Liz Harkins, the Executive Director, to arrange a specific time to drop off your work. That way she can make sure someone is there to take it in.

Liz Harkins, Executive Director
C. 508-333-9207 W. 508-488-6445

Public Reception
Wednesday, June 30th, 2021
THIS IS IN PERSON! IN PERSON AT MILFORD TV! Note that there will be NO FOOD OR DRINK at this reception, and normal mask requirements are in place. We are still easing into in-person activities for now.

Also note THIS IS WEDNESDAY. Milford TV said that Wednesdays are easier for their schedule now.

Pickup will be during the drop-off period for the next show, which will be for the September-October period. It’ll probably be the middle of August. We’ll let you know when we plan that next step.

Ask with any questions! Share the news!

BVAA Whitin Mill Show 2021

Re-Emerging in the Valley – BVAA Art Show at the Whitin Mill

Re-Emerging in the Valley

The Blackstone Valley Art Association is holding an art show at the beautiful Whitin Mill in Whitinsville, Massachusetts! The show is open to all BVAA members. If you’re not yet a BVAA member, now’s the time to join us!

The Blackstone Valley Art Association celebrates the joy of community and friendship! The summer of 2021 reminds us just how precious it is to see the smiling faces of loved ones, to share laughter, and to treasure every moment. Through our photography, painting, drawing, and other forms of art, we offer our visions of creativity. Together we inspire each other to explore new avenues of expression.

July 1 to August 20, 2021

Whitin Mill / Alternatives
50 Douglas Road
Whitinsville, Massachusetts 01588

About the Show:
This is an open-themed show to celebrate the re-opening of events and activities! Come treasure the creativity and expressions of our local Blackstone Valley area artists!

Thank you so much to ValleyCAST and Alternatives for providing this opportunity to the BVAA.

Entering the Show
The entry fee for the Whitin Mill show, open to all styles of artwork, is $8/piece or $20 for three. You can submit up to three pieces. The theme is wide open. You can submit a portrait, landscape, still life, abstract, seascape, you name it. Your imagination is the limit. Because this show is judged, you cannot enter anything which has previously been submitted for a BVAA judged show. It’s fine to enter works which have been in non-judged BVAA shows.

All artwork must be family friendly. Any hanging artwork MUST BE properly wired for hanging. This gallery does have pedestals for sculpture-style artwork. If you are new to preparing hanging artwork for shows, read our page on How to Mat and Frame Artwork. Please also check out our Show Terms and Conditions

To submit your entries use our BVAA Online Submission Form. The deadline to submit the online form is midnight on Sunday, June 13th, 2021 at midnight. Work should be dropped off during the week of TUESDAY, June 15th to Friday, June 18th, 2021. The hours are 9-12 and then 1:30-4:30pm each day. All work which is brought in will be hung (as long as it is properly wired and is family-friendly).

We will have a sign-in sheet. Please make sure you sign your art in so we can track what is in the gallery.

The show will be hung by Cristi at ValleyCAST once all art has been dropped off. Please label the back of every piece so she knows which labels go with which objects.

Note that art that is entered into this show must stay present for the duration of the show. Art which is purchased can be retrieved after the show is complete.

ValleyCAST will take a 30% commission on each sale. Price your artwork accordingly.

This show awards cash prizes based on the number of entries received. The judge for this show will be Joellen Rheinhardt.

Opening Reception
Due to lingering pandemic issues, we will not be having an opening reception. However, ValleyCAST is planning to have their summer concert series in the plaza, and the gallery will be open during those concert events. So if you’d like people to hang out and talk with, be sure to attend one of the summer concert shows!

Viewing Hours
This building will be open Mondays through Fridays 9am-4pm. Please call ahead to let them know your intended arrival time, as the doors are locked and they are not always right by the front door.

Pick Up
Pick up for the Whitin Mill show is during the week of Monday, August 23rd to Friday, August 27th, 2021, between 9-12 and then 1:30-4:30pm. Please call ahead so they know you’re coming. Pick up for art at the Uxbridge Gallery will be Saturday August 28th from 10am to 3pm.

If you aren’t able to make that, contact us for other arrangements. Someone can probably pick up your art for you and then arrange to meet another time.

Address any questions via our BVAA Contact Information

Ask with any questions! We look forward to seeing your entries!

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council

Carbon Copies 2021 Winners

Congratulations to the ribbon-winners from the BVAA’s Third Annual Carbon Copies show! This show premiered on April 30th, 2021.

Marcia Ciak – First place
Carl Larsson / Dagmar Grill

Lisa Shea – Second Place
Paul Klee / Three Houses

Dennis Smith – Third Place
Old Tower in the Fields / Vincent van Gogh

For full-sized versions of the images along with the works they are representing, be sure to watch the video! It’s only 2 1/2 minutes long and quite fun!

If you’re interested in purchasing prints or originals of any piece, let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the artist.

Plein Air Painting

Plein Air Painting Blackstone River State Park – Sun Apr 18 2021

This event is not run by the BVAA, but we are helping to promote it!

The Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor is holding a plein air painting event at the Kelly House on April 18th, 2021 from 1 to 4pm.

Attendance is limited so if you are interested, please sign up at

This is a “trial run” of my attempt to get a park-sanctioned plein group going. If we get past this, there would be regular park subjects painted on your schedule with possibility for promotion by the park.

If you can make this date, please sign up!

BVAA Carbon Copies Art Show

BVAA Carbon Copies Art Show 2021 – Third Annual!

It’s our third annual Carbon Copies show! The Blackstone Valley Art Association is sponsoring a delightfully fun art show all about fakes, forgeries, and parodies!

Carbon Copies – Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

This Carbon Copies show is for all BVAA members to participate in. The idea is to find a famous painting and then duplicate it! You can duplicate it exactly or you can add your own fun twist to it. You can paint a version of a Roger Fenton photo. You can stage a photo which resembles a Vermeer painting. Maybe you paint Mona Lisa as a cat.

The sky’s the limit!

It doesn’t have to be a painting. You can imitate a famous photo. Play with a historical sculpture. It’s up to you.

Note that the source art needs to be in the public domain. In general that means it needs to have been created before 1923. Art which is under copyright, after 1923, has its rights controlled by that artist. You would need to ask that artist for permission to use their work in any exhibit.

April 2021

VIRTUAL ONLY! We’ll make a slideshow for YouTube.

Each BVAA member may exhibit up to three photos. These will be judged for cash prizes.

Entering the Show
The entry fee for this show is $8/piece for up to three pieces.

Artwork can be any size.

All art must be family friendly.

All art items which are entered are included in the show. There is no “pre-selection” process where some are accepted and others are rejected. If you submit artwork, and it is family-friendly, it will be part of our show.

Some reading material:
Creating Art Based on Another Artist’s Work
Fakes Forgeries and Parodies – The Terms
How Easy is it to Copy a Famous Painting?
Inside the Underground World of Legal Art Forgery

To submit your entries use our BVAA Online Submission Form. The deadline to submit is midnight on Sunday, April 25th 2021. Work must be emailed to us by that date. Use a JPG file and in general make it as large as possible, that will fit by email. All work which is submitted will be part of the show (as long as it is family-friendly). Please include a photo of each of your source artwork items, so we can include those next to your artwork. That way visitors can see what you were working with.

Judge to be announced

Opening Reception
The virtual opening reception for the show is Friday, April 30th – we’ll run the slideshow as a premiere!

Here’s a video walkthrough of the 2020 Carbon Copies show!

Address any questions via our BVAA Contact Information

Ask with any questions! We look forward to seeing your entries!

This Uxbridge gallery is supported in part by BVAA member dues, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and by ValleyCAST. The space use is kindly donated to us by ValleyCast, the community outreach department of Open Sky Community Services. Open Sky uses this space for special-needs client activities during daytime weekdays. They allow the BVAA use of the space – and its gallery walls – on evenings and weekends. We actively support their inclusive mission. All are welcome to all of our events and activities!

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council

Bill Lane Watercolors

Bill Lane Watercolor Demo – April 2021 Monthly Meeting

Our April 2021 monthly meeting will feature a demo by the amazing artist Bill Lane!

Our monthly meetings are always on the third Tuesday of the month. So this meeting will be on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021, starting at 6:30pm. Usually from 6:30-7:00pm we talk about the upcoming events and shows. The demo tends to start around 7pm.

All active BVAA members should be getting our Zoom link via email. Please let us know if you do not have the Zoom link. We will also record and post the session for those who aren’t able to make it on Tuesday.

Since we’ll be recording it, you can watch the first time through, ask questions as he paints, and then try it yourself with all your supplies ready after that, from the video!

Here’s the image he’s thinking about painting for us. It’s set in New York City, specifically Grace Church near the corner of Broadway and East 10th Street:

Here are some samples of Bill Lane’s work:

Be sure to visit Bill Lane’s website to learn more about him and his paintings!

Pawtucket Arts Collaborative – Transformation – Deadline 3/31/2021

The Pawtucket Arts Collaborative is holding a show entitled “Transformation” with a deadline of March 31, 2021. The BVAA is not associated with this show – we are simply spreading the news to our artist community.

* * *


PAC presents: TRANSFORMATION Juried Show 

April 21, 2021 through June 3rd, 2021. 

Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Landscapes and weather transform, people transform, everything is changing all the time. For PAC’s 2021 hybrid show (online and in gallery) we invite all artists, PAC members and non-members, in all mediums*, to submit works for TRANSFORMATION
PAC understands this last year has been challenging, heartbreaking, and illuminating in many ways. Show us your TRANSFORMATIONS. Guest juror Francoise McAree will select the works and award the top prizes: $1000 for 1st Place, $500 for 2nd, and $250 for 3rd. The PAC Gallery Committee will award a $100 prize as well. 
Digital submissions will open on 2/15/21 and run through midnight of 3/31/21. Click on this link to enter:

  • Max 2 pieces. Please also send a brief artist bio to attach with your digital submission to
  • SUBMISSION FEE: PAC Members $15 for 1 entry and $20 for 2/ Non-members $20for 1 and $25for 2. Interested in becoming a member? Join or renew
  • Accepted work must be dropped off at the PAC Gallery 560 Mineral Spring Ave. Pawtucket, RI on Friday 4/16 between 4-7 and Saturday 4/17 from 10/12.
  • We ask you to include written instructions if your work has specific hanging/display needs or to consider attending the art installation on Saturday 4/17 from 12-3. 

*Some restrictions apply. 

Art Donations Needed for Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services – April 2021

Please consider donating a work of art to support a great cause! We received this message from the Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services:


I am a board member for Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services and we are holding an Art Auction on May 6th to benefit SYFS who has been so hard hit with the pandemic, both in terms of fundraising efforts and with increased demand for their mental health counseling services.  Most especially, there has been doubling of the number of children seeking their services since the pandemic, but resources are limited.

We are looking for local artists (greater Shrewsbury area) who would be interested in donating a piece of their art to this art auction.  Pieces should be submitted by April 30th.

More details can be found at  (Please note the new dates for the auction have not been updated on the website).

Thank you for any help you can give us or any other direction you can send us!