Small Stones Art Festival Hardcover Book

Small Stones 2023 Hardcover Art Book

The Small Stones art festival, based in Grafton Massachusetts, is a showcase of the best artists in the region. Each year 500 artists submit work. Only a handful are accepted into the show. A hardcover full-color art book is created each year, featuring those artists.

For the 2023 edition of this hardcover art book, the Blackstone Valley Art Association has been given a few pages to showcase the types of artists our group features.

We are looking for 10 works of art to include in this BVAA section of the art book.

If you’re a current BVAA member, please consider sending us an image to include. The image needs to be 300dpi in resolution and in the 6mb-10mb size range. That will give the image a high enough quality to print at this resolution. Please do not take a tiny image and artificially “make it larger”. That type of artificial enlargement tends to make the image very pixelly as a result. If you have challenges taking a large-sized image of your physical artwork, contact us and we can lend a hand at the Uxbridge gallery.

We’re looking for files in the JPG, TIFF, or EPS format.

Just to clarify, this request is NOT about entering the actual Small Stones art show. The submission period for the Small Stones art show is already past. This is about having your art featured in the 2023 Small Stones hardcover book, as part of our section on the Blackstone Valley Art Association.

Small Stones Art Festival Hardcover Book
Small Stones Art Festival Hardcover Book

Please contact us promptly if you’re interested in being part of this project!

Here’s more about the Small Stones art show –

Small Stones Festival for the Arts

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