Bev TInklenberg at the Auburn Historical Museum

Sketching Perspective and the Auburn Historical Museum with Bev Tinklenberg

Talented artist Bev Tinklenberg celebrated the beauty of Auburn, and the impressive collection of the Auburn Historical Museum, with a series of sessions celebrating this delightful location.

First, on November 29, 2022, the BVAA took a trip to the Auburn Historical Museum at 41 South Street in Auburn, Massachusetts. There, Sari Bitticks and Steven Marshall guided us on a glimpse of the many treasures the museum holds. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who can make it to their location. They have many Nipmuc artifacts, a Civil War uniform, a Japanese parachute wedding dress, a nugget from the Auburn gold mine, and much, much more.

Next, Beverly guided us through how to examine architecture in terms of one point perspective or two point perspective, using the Auburn Historical Museum and its nearby buildings.

It was chilly, so Bev got into her SUV and demonstrated how to do a watercolor value study. By recording just lights, mediums, and darks in shades of grey, an artist can get a handle on how a scene will lay out.

Here’s the quick time lapse version to get an overview of the process.

Fun break time! We decided to get some photos and video of local Auburn cows, to have for future art projects.

Back to serious stuff. At her home art studio, Bev talks about flat straight on and one point perspective, when you are looking straight at a building.

We then go into Bev’s studio where she demonstrates the techniques of two point perspective. She uses wooden blocks for clear viewing, then moves on to a building scene.

Bev now talks about how to use layers to build up a watercolor image. She starts with the lights, then medium tones, then darks and details. Then she focuses in on the area she wants to draw your eye to. Bev also discusses how artful cropping and matting can highlight an image.

Finally, we get a tour of Bev Tinklenberg’s home art studio. It has beautiful light, nice working areas, many shelves, and even an art paper storage system. It’s quite a lovely space to create!

Thank you to the Auburn Cultural Council for supporting this project! And thank you so much to Beverly for sharing her time and expertise with us. To learn more about Bev, her artwork, and her art classes, contact us here at the BVAA and we’ll put you in touch!

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council

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