BVAA 2022 Uxbridge SketchFest

5th Annual Uxbridge SketchFest – October 2022

The BVAA Uxbridge SketchFest is back for its fifth year! Grab your pads of paper, pencils, and pens, for it’s SketchFest time!

Here’s the plan.

Sometime between October 1st and October 31st, head out to your favorite locations in Uxbridge. Make sketches of whatever catches your eye. Send them into us at Each person can send us up to three sketches. Please have the last JPGs in to us by midnight on October 31st. Participation is completely FREE!

If you can also send a photo of what you were sketching, or its location, that would be lovely. That way people can tour Uxbridge and see the locations of the artwork.

We will make a virtual gallery of the sketches and also a YouTube virtual presentation! We’ll share all the beautiful artworks for the entire community to enjoy!

All ages and abilities are warmly encouraged to participate. This is open to the public!

Here is Dennis Smith’s great map of wonderful locations in Uxbridge. Click on it to get a larger version along with details about each location. This is a starting point. You can make your sketches anywhere in Uxbridge.

Dennis Smith Map of Great Sketching Locations

What Is A Sketch?

Just what is a sketch? We’re glad you asked!

For the sake of our SketchFest, a sketch is a quick representation of a scene done with pen or pencil on paper. It can then be colored in with colored pencil or watercolors. Here’s a beautiful example done by Pamela Siderewicz of a lawyers’ office building on Uxbridge Common.

Pamela Siderewicz – Uxbridge Common Building

At our 2019 in-person Uxbridge SketchFest we had the amazing Laura Sfiat from the Urban Sketchers Boston group come guide us through sketching. Here is one of Laura’s examples (not of Uxbridge) which provides a few details about how she works.

Laura Sfiat City Sketcher Boston

Here’s Laura’s website which has all sorts of great information and advice:

Here’s a video of the afternoon session with Laura, which focused more specifically on portrait sketching.

Here’s a 22-minute YouTube video by Alphonso Dunn that goes step by step through how to create an urban sketch. You can skip the first two minutes – those are an ad for his book :).

To get some inspiration, here are sketches from the 2021 Uxbridge SketchFest:

If you can’t get out to a site in person, here are some photos of locations that our BVAA members have allowed you to use as a basis for a sketch!

Here’s a flyer for our 2022 Uxbridge SketchFest. Please share this flyer with local websites, libraries, and schools!

Ask with any questions, and we look forward to seeing your beautiful sketches!

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