BVAA Spring 2022 Party

Spring 2022 BVAA Get-Together

It’s that time of year! BVAA Spring Party Time! We will be holding it on our regular monthly meeting date and time:

Tuesday June 21st, 2022

Bob Evans found a delightful restaurant for us!

Grill 122
91 Providence Road
Whitinsville MA

We have a private room reserved for our group.

Each person can order whatever they want and will get their own bill, so it is wholly up to you what you want to eat or drink from that menu. We are doing it this way so there is no stress about last minute cancellations. If you run into a problem last minute and can’t make it, that’s fine! There’s no up-front payments. If you aren’t able to attend even though you’d like to, we commiserate and understand. Times are tricky right now.

Please let us know if you are thinking about coming, just so we have a rough headcount for the restaurant. You’re welcome to bring someone with you.

We would love to see you on June 21st. If you’re not able to come for any reason at all, we understand. We will miss you! Hopefully the world will settle down to be safer in the coming months.

There will not be any event in the Uxbridge gallery on Tue June 21st. We will only be at the Grill 122.

Ask if you have any questions, and have a great weekend!


Lisa Shea & the BVAA Team

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