BVAA Carbon Copies Art Show

BVAA Carbon Copies Art Show 2021 – Third Annual!

It’s our third annual Carbon Copies show! The Blackstone Valley Art Association is sponsoring a delightfully fun art show all about fakes, forgeries, and parodies!

Carbon Copies – Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

This Carbon Copies show is for all BVAA members to participate in. The idea is to find a famous painting and then duplicate it! You can duplicate it exactly or you can add your own fun twist to it. You can paint a version of a Roger Fenton photo. You can stage a photo which resembles a Vermeer painting. Maybe you paint Mona Lisa as a cat.

The sky’s the limit!

It doesn’t have to be a painting. You can imitate a famous photo. Play with a historical sculpture. It’s up to you.

Note that the source art needs to be in the public domain. In general that means it needs to have been created before 1923. Art which is under copyright, after 1923, has its rights controlled by that artist. You would need to ask that artist for permission to use their work in any exhibit.

April 2021

VIRTUAL ONLY! We’ll make a slideshow for YouTube.

Each BVAA member may exhibit up to three photos. These will be judged for cash prizes.

Entering the Show
The entry fee for this show is $8/piece for up to three pieces.

Artwork can be any size.

All art must be family friendly.

All art items which are entered are included in the show. There is no “pre-selection” process where some are accepted and others are rejected. If you submit artwork, and it is family-friendly, it will be part of our show.

Some reading material:
Creating Art Based on Another Artist’s Work
Fakes Forgeries and Parodies – The Terms
How Easy is it to Copy a Famous Painting?
Inside the Underground World of Legal Art Forgery

To submit your entries use our BVAA Online Submission Form. The deadline to submit is midnight on Sunday, April 25th 2021. Work must be emailed to us by that date. Use a JPG file and in general make it as large as possible, that will fit by email. All work which is submitted will be part of the show (as long as it is family-friendly). Please include a photo of each of your source artwork items, so we can include those next to your artwork. That way visitors can see what you were working with.

Judge to be announced

Opening Reception
The virtual opening reception for the show is Friday, April 30th – we’ll run the slideshow as a premiere!

Here’s a video walkthrough of the 2020 Carbon Copies show!

Address any questions via our BVAA Contact Information

Ask with any questions! We look forward to seeing your entries!

This Uxbridge gallery is supported in part by BVAA member dues, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and by ValleyCAST. The space use is kindly donated to us by ValleyCast, the community outreach department of Open Sky Community Services. Open Sky uses this space for special-needs client activities during daytime weekdays. They allow the BVAA use of the space – and its gallery walls – on evenings and weekends. We actively support their inclusive mission. All are welcome to all of our events and activities!

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council

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