Crossroads Digital Media Arts Photography Show 2020

In January to February 2020, the Blackstone Valley Arts Association held their annual “Anything Goes” photography show. As part of this celebration, we dedicated the rear gallery space to the group of Open Sky clients who participated in the Crossroads Digital Media Arts project. This project took place during the Fall 2019 season. The project helped clients learn more about photography, composition, and Photoshop.

Michelle Benjamin organized this show, including putting together labels and hanging for the artwork.

Bob Evans was the judge for this show.

Here is the artwork participating in this show. It is on display through February 21, 2020. The gallery is open from 10am to 3pm from Monday through Saturday. The Blackstone Valley Art Association manages the gallery hours on Saturdays and will have a series of free photography workshops throughout that time period. Come on out to enjoy a free workshop and to enjoy this show!

Judge Notes from Bob Evans:

Overall this was a great show and really like the passion and the thought going into these photographs and the topics that they have chosen.

Best in Show:  Jared with Monkey See: Very moving and a great composition and framing the out of focus animal combined with the sharply focused fence gives a definite sense of confinement and yearning to be free.

Honorable mention: Tom with A Cold Dark Sky: I thought that this had a striking composition was well executed a great sense of movement combined with dynamic diagonals of subject and sky.

Honorable Mention: Philip with In Tune: a nice subject again well executed but the sky I thought was blown out maybe this was his desired effect not sure about that but I had a good proportions and color rendering.

Art Listing:

Crossroads Digital Media Arts Lab Student Works

Crossroads Digital Media Art Lab is a program run in Worcester, MA by Open Sky Community Services and is open to the public. The student work exhibited here shows a variety of skills learned in the Fall 2019 session. For more information on this program, please contact Michelle Benjamin, Community Membership Coordinator at or (508) 234-6232.

A Cold Dark Sky – Tom                                  $ 60.00

Bees Nest – Erin                               NFS

Birds of a Feather – Conrad                         NFS

Breaking the Chains – Shared Work           NFS

Fist – Jared                                                       NFS

Golden Glove – Anthony                $ 40.00

Gopher It! – Conrad                                       NFS

Have a Seat – Jared                                        NFS

I See a Sea – Phillip                                         NFS

In Tune – Phillips                                             $ 20.00

Jump – Susan                                                   NFS

Mind Your Beeswax – Erin                            NFS

Monkey See – Jared                                       NFS

Monkeys in Space – Brendan                       $ 15.00

Peek-a-Boo – Ashley                                      NFS

Places to Go – Jared                                      NFS

Shell We…? – Jorge                                        NFS

Stripes – Conrad                                             NFS

Sun Shower – Tyrone                                     $ 25.00

The Gears – Phillip                                          NFS

Tiger Eye – Brendan                                       $ 30.00

Traffic Jam – Brendan                                   $ 15.00

Urban Garden – Jared                                    NFS

This Uxbridge gallery is supported in part by BVAA member dues, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and by ValleyCAST. The space use is kindly donated to us by ValleyCast, the community outreach department of Open Sky Community Services. Open Sky uses this space for special-needs client activities during daytime weekdays. They allow the BVAA use of the space – and its gallery walls – on evenings and weekends. We actively support their inclusive mission. All are welcome to all of our events and activities!

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council
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