Need Brainstorming for Tapestry Show

Dear Group –

Since at least 2010, there has been an annual Tapestry community art show held in our Uxbridge Gallery. It was run by Alternatives, then ValleyCast, and now by us. The idea of the show is that it’s a free, all-ages, all-abilities, open celebration of community and art. It’s for all types of art, from photography to painting to drawing to sculpture to stained glass and so on. It’s wholly inclusive.

Here’s the logo that was used for most of that time.

The problem is that nearly everyone I talk with thinks it’s a fabric / textile show and that they won’t enter because they don’t do fabrics or textiles. The logo doesn’t do much to clarify it at all. 

This current year I tried using an image which shows more that it’s about inclusivity, and to use wording in the write-up which shows it’s an open theme, but I still don’t think this is helping enough. I’m still hearing from members that they weren’t planning on participating because they figured this was a textiles-fabrics-only show.


What can we do for a logo that makes it more clear? Maybe a ring of people around a four-square of different types of art, to visually show that everything is welcome? And say right in the name of it that we take all kinds of art from all kinds of people?

Maybe something more like this? Clearly done by someone more talented than me :).

And then what could we call it? Something that has that Tapestry “woven together” feel but isn’t so specifically fabric oriented?

Please share any ideas you might have. And please do enter this year’s show – the drop off is NEXT WEEKEND. Please invite family and friends – the more the merrier! All are welcome to participate!


Lisa Shea & the BVAA Team

One thought to “Need Brainstorming for Tapestry Show”

  1. Thinking about this…
    What about photos of artists young and old doing their various arts. Sketchers, photographers, painters, sculptors, etc maybe a collage within the circle. Then either a box around or just enhance the circle. All around that the community young, old etc. depicted. The symbol in the center bottom is an Aboriginal symbol of “Meeting Place” This perhaps may encourage the community to come gather at the gallery…a welcoming meeting place.
    *Couldn’t seem to insert the pic so I sent you a rough sketch via text Lisa.

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