Art and Music Makers Festival Committee

The Open Sky / Alternatives / ValleyCast organization has held a yearly event for a few years now at the Whitin Mill complex in Whitinsville, MA. The one-day event, held in the fall, runs from 10am to 3pm. It is a celebration of making art and making music.

Artists set up tents in a ring around the plaza. Each artist is “making” something. One person shows how they make guitars with pretty art on them, another person shows how they make stained glass art, and so on. They also sell their art in their booth. The focus is on having visitors be able to come, see how the items are made, and to buy the art.

The stage has a rotation of musicians on it. There’s also a booth or two with a “petting zoo of instruments” where visitors can try out different instruments and see how they sound.

There’s a few food trucks on hand.

Cristi Collari at ValleyCast is looking to put together a small committee to plan the Fall 2020 event. That way the committee can look through the list of artists who want to participate, figure out the music schedule, choose the food trucks, and so on. She’d like 4 or 5 people to be on this with her so they have a good group to brainstorm.

If you’re interested, either in being a part of the festival or being a part of the committee (or both!) please contact Cristi at:

This will be quite a lot of fun. Visitors love the unique nature of what the festival offers.


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